BIG COMPANIES stealing ideas from small companies trend

I made millions in Tech in Kenya. There is this trend where I see people flock to ‘sponsors’ to help their business. In the starting, I was always told to approach this Companies for training and funding! hehehehehe. My friend, this is the worst mistake you will ever make.


If you pay managers a lot of money to manage in Kenya, they stop being creative.
But, the unemployed will learn all the ways to earn that salary!

In Tech, the unemployed or struggling are way better at work than the employed!

Safaricom stole mpesa.

Iko mtu ako Kwa institution fulani, he came up na app and pitched to execs without requisite legal cover. Walimuambia watampa tu job, and out of desperation shida shida etc akakubali. Also Iko case ya mpika pombe mkubwa … look for that Francis gaitho TikTok or YT he has described it very well