Big Booty Women

Wadau, nina swali. Mbona many big bootied chics don’t smell very well down (and back) there? I mean, they smell worse than…“normal”. And, it’s not a hygiene issue. They happen to be clean. And i’ve only noticed with girls who are bigger…

Unaaibisha astrophysicist mzitoh duniani…

Inbox @uwesmake

Ungeuliza hio mwanamke unatomba…

Uliza adhiambo

How many have you sampled to be precise?

You know what they say. Eggs are like slippers, the more you swim, govt is made of tubes.

Matako haina harufu ukitaka nusa yako. Harufu inatoka kwengine. Hata 1GB inaeza toa harufu sawasawa hydrogen sulfide yenyewe. Kuna ka-1GB nilivumilia shoti moja halafu nikakimbia.

@Fropessor X, don’t you think the cause could be factor X?

Bacteria and sweat!!
Not rocket science.

uliza @pseudonym or @Shiroe
typical fat black kikuyu

Niaje @Tom Bayeye

:D:D:D:D:D:D banaaaa momo wangu wanakuwanga wananukia chocolate wote , ([SIZE=1]uwongo[/SIZE]) :smiley:

Amazing the amount of lies here…
It’s all down to Hygiene Standards and NOTHING to do with a Woman’s Size…


…the sweat plus no enough ventilation down there,makes it worse.