Bidenstan nyeusi looting without fear

Sasa atafanya nini na izo longi zote? Overthere nobody buys second hand clothes.

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Profiling is an excuse to be racist. Why would you stop someone to look for a crime? Hivyo ndio hao D minus wa river road hu operate. Wanasimamisha everyone with a backpack kutafuta kitu aina risiti. It’s the same principle. The principle of guilty before being proven innocent. And it’s the assumption that 2% of a crime committing race, is representative of a 98% law abiding same race.
Completely against any law or constitution.


Damn nigga, that’s a pile of shit about how much you’re related to Malcom X. You’re a descendant of Luther king when it comes to black rights movement no less. Crime is crime, it has to be called as it is. A black man who can work an honest day’s work deciding to invade the same store that will employ him, should be castrated, before that seed touches the ground. I hope they build more prisons and fill in those monkeys. Such a disgrace.

Looters like him don’t think ahead.

Name 3 black-dominated countries or even counties that aren’t complete shitholes. I’ll wait…

@applebee100 is the type of person who doesn’t like being told the truth if it paints his race in a bad light.

That’s why he is here crying about racism and domination despite known thuggish traits of African Americans. Black Americans lead in almost all bad statistics in the USA and the research studies are widely available.

How can you lead in all negative statistics and not expect to be discriminated against?? You lead in poverty, crime, diseases, illiteracy, etc. Nobody has time to interview every black person and listen to their individual story. If they are forced to make quick decisions based on your skin color, that’s exactly what they will do.

If 10 blacks walk into your jewelry store in a first world white dominated country, you become extra alert and keep your finger on the alarm button. You must profile people racially to minimize risk.

By age 25, 15.9% of black males, 6.3% of Hispanic males, and 1.7% of white males are expected to have served some time in State or Federal prison. By age 40  26.6% of black males, 12.7% of Hispanic males, and 3.5% of white males will have served time.


Before the age of 25, a black man is 9.3 times more likely to have served time compared to a white man. By 40, the black man is 7.6 times more likely to have served time compared to a white man.

Basically, 1 in 4 African American men below 40 has been in prison. Good luck not profiling that group.

Now, even if I was in the United States as a black entrepreneur, I would never hire a black man with such crime statistics. Why the fuck would I hire a person who is between 7 and 9 times more likely to have served time in prison when I can just hire white people and reduce my risk?? Even if I had no choice, I would pay the black people less (specifically black men) because of the risk they carry.

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For me I am genuinely open to alternate views, if only he could reply with facts. Lakini zake ni kujibu watu na matusi. Calling people coons and the like. At best atakuambia “go educate yourself,” which is just a cop-out

@applebee100 I’m still waiting for you to name 3 black dominated countries or counties that aren’t complete shitholes, but I fully expect an insult instead of an answer

Damn Gaines, it pains to see you let me down like this.

You understand that there are laws that exist since the Jim Crow era that were deliberately meant to incarcerate blacks.

You understand that blacks have suffered much under systemic racism that the crime, poverty and general decadence is the result of that.

Blacks in America have been dealt a bad one that if you take an average hoodlum from memphis you will find maybe their grandpa was wrongly convicted or given unwarranted maximum sentence for a petty crime. Just the other day someone here mentioned how the Single Mum endemic is Kenya will be consequential to future society - that single parenthood shit was imposed on blacks back in the 60s, 70s and 80s by the American system.

Reagan exchanged weapons for coke and flooded the streets of Harlem with that blow and heroin.

Don’t judge blacks based on online vids, some of them are meant to make blacks look bad, mostly propagated by far-right wingers.

Immediately after slavery was abolished, the worst of the worst was applied to blacks in the south. They had to do degrading shit just to feed themselves. Damn son, cut blacks some slack will you.

@applebee100 drop that white man is racist shit. The white man is racist by nature and he taught it wherever he went yes but that’s the system now and blacks can’t save themselves.

No country in Africa can maintain nuclear weapons let alone make them. The black man triggers fear in the hearts of white men. I am living proof of this - nothing scares a whiteman like a bright black man. I have found rather than be a SJW for ignorant blacks just MAKE MONEY. Make so much money that even racists go like Fif said:

The feds watch me, icey, they can’t stop me
Racist, pointing at me, “Look at Niggaraci”, hello

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