Bidenstan nyeusi looting without fear

Mta do nini bana?

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Insurance will sort. But at some point they will look for a way to keep them out of the stores


Niliikuwa naona documentary online vile ma duka zimefungwa…kuna ingine jamaa hawezi maliza mwezi kama hajavamiwa

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They will most likely relocate.

I support them. Billions have been stolen from them for the last 400 years.

Waibe na chome hiyo store on exit


So somehow looting t-shirts, other sports wear makes up for the West’s theft of gold, diamonds, priceless artefacts?


Halafu mkuje kulia huku sijui racism :rofl:

Niliwaambia there are too fuckin many bad apples among negroes that its impossible for other races not to discriminate.

If your race is more likely to commit crime, how do you expect not to be profiled?? That’s why white flight is a concept. That’s why hata huku Kenya kuna some gated communities where you, a negroe, cant rent or buy but whites and Indians can. They know that with one negroe comes many, and many negroes = crime/insecurity.

You can’t predict the behavior of one negroe. But you can accurately predict how 50 negroes will behave. That’s why its just easier to discriminate against all blacks because nobody has time to single out the good from the bad. It doesn’t take a genius to know that if 50 black families move into a rich white enclave, there will be a dramatic increase in crime.


Wah they stole from slaves :thinking:

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Mahasora should also come and steal kwa duka yako ya “vitu za stima” hapo nyamakima and burn the place because the system has stolen from them for past 60yrs


Upcoming president wa S.A need to be the president of Amehica

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Lazima Tyrone apige luku bariiiiiiiidi


Blacks who support racism against their fellow Blacks are scum in my eyes. Meffi kabisa. There are millions of Black people in America most of who don’t commit any crimes and are just hustling like everybody else.

Insanity is seeing a few Blacks committing crimes and immediately saying the things you have said. That’s how you know you’ve been mentally conquered. Someone has convinced you that Black = crime/filth and you’ve eaten that up.

Wewe ni meffi ya kuku!


Your eyes aint worth shiett so nobody cares what you see.

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You’ve already been conquered so it’s reasonable to expect that you’ll go to great lengths to defend your master. Bure kabisa.

Genes zako na za Kapoty ni malformed traits.

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Racism is a direct result and consequence of criminal/thuggish behaviors of black Americans. And cut the bullshit about millions of innocent blacks. Nobody has time to differentiate thugs from priests in a sea of negroes. Whether you like it or not, blacks are partly responsible for the racism they experience. You don’t have to like it, but its the truth that’s why you are butthurt.

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Good to see black kings shit on an artificial culture built on the exploitation of their ancestors. I say crack on lad


You’re very emotional for a man who expreses such ridiculous views. I’ve spoken about this phenomenon before. People like you move thinking that there’s a boogeyman out there to get you as a black person. You’ve internalized that everyone you meet sees you and thinks that you’re a “criminal/thug/lowIQ” such that your view becomes clouded as you navigate through the world. You’re busy thinking “Oh white guy, does he think I’m a criminal? Oh, mhindi, does he think I’ll steal from him?”.

That’s how your brain works but then here’s the problem: you project these feelings towards other black people. You think other black people have that same “inferior” and negative view of themselves and the world. Someone like you doesn’t believe that there are black people who never internalize such thoughts. They’re probably so alien to you you’d think it’s a conspiracy :joy:.

Look, you’ve been conquered and that’s okay. Lakini don’t make the mistake of thinking that every black person shares that view. Ni wewe na wewe peke yako. Enda uoshe matako sasa. I’m sure you’re thinking “Oh, mzungu thinks I’ll dip my fingers in his ass because I’m black”.

Meffi wewe.


Butthurt response. Kuniita meffi won’t change how the world works kijana. People do what they do for a reason. Things happen for a reason. Blacks are discriminated against for a reason!! That reason goes far beyond just skin color. Skin color just makes the discrimination and profiling easier for identification purposes.

You have a low IQ and clearly do not understand statistics and pattern recognition. You can’t predict the behavior of one black man, but I can predict with near-certainty how 100 black men will behave. You are likely to have more criminals in a group of 100 black men than 100 white men. That’s a fact you can’t argue against. Kulia about racism wont help if blacks huko continue leading in all negative statistics such as crime, diseases, poverty, etc.

The only sure way of ending racism is to stop leading in the negative statistics especially crime, poverty, and illiteracy. That won’t happen in our lifetime. All other races will continue to shit on blacks because of those bad numbers. And NO, nobody has time to judge you individually so being a highly educated, wealthy, and law-abiding negroe won’t save you from racism. We are judged collectively because its easier the same way we judge other races collectively.

Okay, keep moving as if there’s a boogeyman out there to get you because you’re black. Look, nobody is out there to get you. Whatever bullshit you’ve internalized is not my concern. It’s the projection towards other Black people.

It’s insane to think that you have a high IQ because you are supposedly able to recognize patterns :joy::joy::joy:. That’s a stupid metric to use as a determinant of high IQ.


What I’m trying to drive through your thick skull is that discrimination against blacks happens because of specific reasons. Those reasons will continue to persist beyond our lifetimes so you better toughen up.

Generally, people practice racial profiling because they find themselves in situations where they must make quick decisions with incomplete information. Its that simple. That means if there is a high alert at an airport, I will automatically select the two Arabs on the plane for additional screening to increase my odds of preventing a terror event. That white person huko yues looks at you the same way. He or she has to judge you with incomplete information so its natural that they will consider you a crime threat in their neighborhood regardless of your actual trait. Why? Because blacks are known for breaking and entering, looting, etc.

Unlike you, I live in reality not in some dream world. Instead of complaining about racism, I investigate why people behave the way they do towards others. Other races have a general understanding of how blacks move and I can’t blame them for profiling negroes. I would do the same to them if situations were reversed.

If profiling people who look like you will yield a significant positive outcome, then I will gladly do it. How you take it is none of my business because I have to do what’s best for my interests. If not hiring ten black men to work at my jewelry store will reduce the chances of being robbed by 90%, that’s what I will do. You can cry all you want, but I’m forced to make a decision not to hire you (a law-abiding black man) based on the behaviors of your brothers and cousins. I will automatically assume that you are like them and more often than not I will be right.