Biden's white house. Welcome to the United States of Homos.

[SIZE=5]This is what homos like @Abba , @Bottoms , @slevyn , @Nattydread , @Amused , @Mangele , @Guy004 , @Titty Twister , @mugwanjira , @Swansea , @Old Monk , @Electronics4u , @Ndindu wanted, and now their wishes have been answered :[/SIZE]


Mali safi ya @Thirimaii

Trump will never be POTUS again


Fvck The United Sodom Of America. May an asteroid fall on the US and wipe tem off like dinosaurs.

Cringey as hell. Sasa who would replace the Americans? Covid China are racist skinny little small eyed shitheads. Hispanics are just fair skinned African bonobos. Brits hawana muelekeo pia. Tear every thing down and press the button.

SIZE=5@uwesmake kuja uone soulmate wako mzungu [/SIZE]

It’s so sad watching the great world power being reduced to the laughing stock of the world

Wapi ile picha ya pot calling kettle something…si patricia anakuaga…ama wacha tu:D:D

It’s a great evil nation built upon stolen land and stolen labor, besides it’s a corporation which has no problem ruining nations which nationalize their own resources.

Kinyozi ekelea picha ukitombwa mkundu na babu owino huko kwa roof ya Shinkansen. Meffi wewe.

Now thats funny:D:D:D

Yes let that sink inside their dummy heads slowly