Biden's son smoking crack cocaine.

[SIZE=5]Now if Trump’s son had recorded himself doing similar activities as these below would we hear the end of it?[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Hunter Biden’s real teeth :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5] of Hunter Biden’s ruined teeth has emerged. Photo / Supplied[/SIZE]


Compare that mess with this wholesome family!


Apparently in the famous laptop there are videos of him and a girl who looks like Malia Obama. The FBI are looking high and low for those clips.

Hunter Biden’s Pornhub account had 66 award badges, including a badge for reaching 50 subscribers, watching 500 videos, and watching porn in high definition.
Hunter would sometimes leave on the webcam after filming his sex scenes, and captured himself hunched over his computer, intently watching back through the footage.

In one video on the laptop, Hunter recorded his screen and can be heard speaking to a woman about his favorite porn stars as he browsed an adult website with her. [/B][/I]

Trump is the GOAT President and 2024 tunavuka mtaa kuja kumurudisha Statehouse saa mbili asubui.

Trump’s older brother died of alcohol. Since then, Trump made sure no one in his family would touch drugs, even cigarettes. Trump has famously never drunk alcohol and non of his children abuse drugs

Hunter Biden is an adult of 51 years old and is at liberty to make his own life choices as controversial as they might be.

It’s unfair to use Hunter’s mistakes to paint his father in a bad light inasmuch as we might think he’s an inept president.

The main concern should be the corruption in the Ukraine in which both father and son were involved. Other issues are immaterial.

Yeah it is. His father is responsible for jailing of millions of black men for even having cocaine particles within a kilometer of their vicinity. Yet his son, who is a renown crack user has never spent a day in jail.

Donald Trump Jr. is once again being accused of abusing cocaine after Twitter users claimed that he appeared intoxicated in a recent video.


[SIZE=5]‘He can barely keep his eyes open and seems to be unable to breathe through his nose.’[/SIZE]

In footage uploaded to Cameo, a site where users can pay celebrities to record video greetings, Trump Jr. can be heard congratulating a man on behalf of his fiancé over passing an exam.


The message from the ex-president’s son, however, was largely overlooked. Users on social media instead asserted that everything from Trump Jr.’s eyes to his voice was evidence that he was clearly under the influence.

“Once again, he appears extremely high,” @leahmclrath alleged in a tweet. “He can barely keep his eyes open and seems to be unable to breathe through his nose. Watch until the end when his mask slips. Just painful.”

Trump Jr. appears to have been on the platform since late last month, charging users an eyebrow-raising $500 for a several-second-long video message.

Although his account has received a perfect five-star rating from his adoring fans, Trump Jr. can’t seem to escape drug abuse allegations outside of his fandom.


The Bidens: Joe and Hunter here…


How come comedians keep making fun of Eric Trump, insinuating that he’s Donald’s least favorite son and is ignored by the family?


It’s a cheap shot, but there are some possible explanations:

[li]He’s Trump’s second son, and third kid out of five – the literal middle child. He’s also the youngest of the children who are ‘fair game’, politically speaking: Tiffany and Barron are either too young or have made no effort to insert themselves into the political process, so late-night comedians mostly leave them alone. Everyone picks on the youngest child.[/li][li]His older siblings are Ivanka, who’s Trump’s darling, and Don Jr., who literally has his father’s name. Of the three, it’s easy to make the case that he’s Donald’s least-favorite, whether that’s true or not.[/li][li]He’s perhaps not quite as photogenic as the other two.[/li][li]He occasionally says some stupid shit of his own accord. Not quite ‘Here are the emails that totally don’t prove that I didn’t not collude with the Russians’-dumb, but still enough to make you think he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.[/li][li]It’s not just Eric coming under fire. Collectively the brothers have been known as the Stormtroopers (by the Clinton campaign), and Uday and Qusay (a reference to Saddam Hussein’s sons). Others have drawn comparisons with the Hardly Boys, from South Park. He gets a lot of shit collectively as well as individually, is what I’m saying.[/li][li]There’s also the whole potentially messy business of the Eric Trump Foundation [I]potentially[/I] taking money away from children who had cancer to fill the family’s personal accounts, billing the charity at above-market rates for use of Trump-owned golf courses.[/li][/ul]
After that, jokes build and build. Meyers has a running bit with Eric as a sort of basement-dwelling Igor figure. It gets a laugh once, so the writers try it again, and again. Whether it’s based on truth or not is largely irrelevant at that point. The joke-version of Eric Trump exists almost separately from the real-life version; audiences expect that a reference to Eric Trump in the media will probably result in that kind of joke, and they’re usually right.

Desperate crap. Hunter has rotten teeth and is video smoking crack. Don looks tired probably from overworking or just sleepy. If he had a drug problem, the beltway media would have made sure you knew about it. 24 hours a day for the next two years. He has never been inrehab, there’s no phoyo or video anywhere in the world of him even smoking. Non of his former friends have crawled out of the woodwork to claim he uses drugs

A crack head can sell his or her mum in an instant.


You sound like an idiot who just done dunking in the bathroom . 1st of all that’s not Hunter. Hunter is way too smart to know what’s at stake .
2nd of all , you need to worry about your family problems and not other people’s families
3rd you are bunch of bitter sores who are bitter about loosing elections in 2020.


Crackhead lover

[SIZE=5]Link[/SIZE] :

:eek::eek: Hunter Biden jokes that keeping his pants was a 'problem' when he was taking crack








He even smoked parmesan cheese thinking its crack.

Hunter Biden jokes that keeping his pants was a 'problem' when he was taking crack

Still sore looser

And those are the good photos and clips. This guy recorded himself with minors! Kids!

Better a crack head than an incestuous püssy grabber