Biden will win U.S.A elections

2016 was the only truly democratic election. It caught people offguard, & they’re never gonna allow it to happen tena.

Once a presidential election is stolen from you, you’ll never be president tena. Because the same machinery will always be employed.

I’m gonna predict with 99% certainty that Biden will win this year’s election. And it is the best thing that will happen to America. Because of something I like to call the “pendulum principle.” The more forceful a pendulum is pushed to one direction, the more irrationally will its swing return. It’s a pattern you’ll see play out in society – whenever the establishment forcefully tried to shove a narrative down people’s throats, the more people will be diametrically opposed to it.

Democrats will try to shove their progressive bullshit down people’s throats for the next 4 years, and this will trigger a hostile counter-reaction.

Why? Because like a pendulum, opinion balances of its own accord. The more it is pushed, the stronger will its swing return.

The old fart is 81yrs old. Most old peeps his age are in a nursing home.


Doesn’t matter. He’ll win.

Let’s make a wager. He wins, you give me the I.G handle of that eldoret chic.

Trump wins, I’ll send you 5k ulipie malaya wa tagged rent ya bedsitter.

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This was 2020


Donald Trump’s extremist MAGA fanatics , legal problems , position on immigration and alienation of the young female vote due to the Abortion and Civil Rights Issues will cost him dearly.

November 2024 will be more or less the same:joy:

Is Biden even physically able to do another 4 years ?


Trump has no chance, you guy my guy.


@Simiyu22 and umbwer @rexxsimba we need you over there in yukrane and israel. You pro government chatterboxes are too silent nowadays. Why? Too much killing for your liking?

Join the winning side and make america great again. Like this honourable american fighting in the donbass for the right side. Yeah, hope this clip gives you indigestion you pro government sponsored propaganda mouth pieces.

Wakiibia uncle Trump tunachoma California yote , kama mbaya mbaya

But latest polls zinaweka trump mbele. Btw Mimi nliamini electronic voting can be bangled when i saw a documentary of scammers in Asia who’s system was hacked by a guy in yuess. Jamaa could even see them from the hacked computers

Hilary Clinton was ahead in polls and lost. You need to learn about electoral college votes. It’s votes per state that count. There’s no state that Trump lost, that he will win. Hapo ndio shida iko.

Can’t imagine another 4yrs of senile Joe.Is there no other democrat of sound mind to replace senile Joe?

Polls don’t mean anything, Biden campaigned from his basement in 2020 and pulled an upset on Trump, and now he’s the incumbent it will take an act of God for Trump to win in november because of his numerous court cases and his underperformance in the republican primary elections, the warning signs are there, hii kitu imeenda na Biden already unless Biden akufe huyo kumshida it will be tuff.

I think Demons will choose another candidate soon.

My guy, this a positive for trump, anafagia all whites who fear immigrants

Hehehehehe … :blush:

You said it in a nutshell

So far , 3 States are in court trying to remove him from the ballot.
11 more States have pending cases …

In the end , his friendly US Conservative Supreme Court appointees will most likely vote 6 / 3 to keep Trump on the Ballot.

But the Final Verdict will be delivered by the Electoral College Outcome in November 2024:blush:

The Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was involved in the Insurrection with Donald Trump …

Justice Clarence Thomas will obtain more money if Trump is re-elected from his wife’s right wing MAGA consulting and lobbying firms.

That combined with his wife’s key role in organizing the Jan6 insurrection disqualifies Thomas from presiding over Trump-related cases.

Michael Popok of Legal AF reports on a new demand by House Democrats that Thomas recuse himself from all things Trump and the ballot banning cases, … or else…