Biden proposes a HAMSTERDAM.



@Electronics4u I highly doubt that you are really watching The Wire coz you are full of :meffi: , but just in case you are truly watching THE WIRE one of the greatest TV shows ever made, then ukifika Season 3 episode 4 you will learn about HAMSTERDAM.

Season 3 was one of the most hilarious yet shocking seasons of THE WIRE. It stars Robert Wisdom one of the most underrated actors in hollywood as Police Major Howard “Bunny” Colvin.
Robert Wisdom as Bunny Colvin

He creates a special zone called Hamsterdam where drugs and paraphernalia are sold legally with no arrests or consequences as long as you stay within Hamsterdam. :smiley:

These are the most hilarious yet most shocking and most disturbing episodes of the show. I think Crazy Joe Biden is a fan of THE WIRE.



Let’s just say that HAMSTERDAM was a fucking disaster.

@Patricia bado hujakufa mbwa hii

Naona bado unaumwa. Unajaribu kutafuta strategy mpya.

Bona niumwe? Am just disappointed, you are a stranger to me but I can get a small glimpse of your real personality by the shit you spew here.

Hamsterdam works just fine in Amsterdam. I am told also Santa Cruz California is a Hamsterdam.

@kanguthu with all due respect nilikuambia uende ukatombe yule mamako malaya. I don’t understand why you can’t comprehend basic instructions.

Crack cocaine is legal in Amsterdam?

No drug is legal in Amsterdam, neither were drugs legal in Hamsterdam. The correct word is tolerated. Hard drugs for personal recreational use in small amounts are tolerated in Amsterdam. Legally you CAN be prosecuted, but practically, you won’t.

Mbwa wacha semantics za upus. Skiza vile Rawls mwenyewe anasema kwanzia minute 1.45 :

And about Amsterdam show me the law that says hard drugs in small amounts are “TOLERATED” in Amsterdam.

Can you also cite examples of specific individuals who were caught holding small amounts of hard drugs e.g crack cocaine in their possession but were let off the hook by Amsterdam police.

I finished watching it Mdau.
Yes. Hamsterdam was one crazy idea.
Also watched his act in the series “Ballers”

It’s not a law. The law says drugs are illegal. Same thing in cities of Nord Rhein Westfalen (Germany) that border the Netherlands. Drugs are illegal, but no one is going to bother you for using small amounts. No one is going to bother you for using whatever drug in the Netherlands - in small quantities.

I can give you very many examples as I have many friends living in the Netherlands and I’ve been there many times. Question is how do I prove it? All I have for it is my word.

If you keep watching the clip you posted, utaona Rawls saying the idea worked. Crime dropped by 14 %. They sacked him cause ofpolitics, to save their careers. Bunny even says the community was sending him letters of gratitude in the same clip.

Oh I found some proof for you @patco from the Government of the Netherlands website

[SIZE=6]The use of drugs[/SIZE]

The use of drugs by persons aged 18 years or older is not a criminal offence in the Netherlands. But to prevent nuisance, municipal authorities can include a provision in their general municipal bye-laws prohibiting drug use in designated areas. If you use drugs in one of these designated areas, you may be arrested or ordered to pay a fine.

Lakini ujue possession of drugs (soft or hard) is illegal. But if the amount is small enough that you can prove it was for self use (not selling or trafficking) no one will bother you.





[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Prosecution for possessing, selling or producing hard drugs[/SIZE]
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]
It is against the law to possess, sell or produce hard drugs at any time. If you are in possession of hard drugs, or sell them or produce them, you may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment and/or the payment of a fine.

Sentences for substances on Schedule I (hard drugs) of the Opium Act are heavier than for those on Schedule II (soft drugs).

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][ATTACH=full]417058[/ATTACH]

Possessing soft drugs or hard drugs IS illegal. No one has disputed that.

But if you have less than 5 grams of weed or less than 1 gram of hard drugs, like I said you CAN LEGALLY be prosecuted, but you will NOT be. Wacha theory mingi. Enda ground.

ALL DRUGS ARE ILLEGAL to posses in Netherlands. NO DRUG IS ILLEGAL TO USE. No police officer will bother you for using drugs, well at least not in Amsterdam.

I have quoted your own article.

Hard drugs are illegal in Amsterdam period and no I will not take your word for it.

All drugs are illegal in Netherlands actually. I’ve already said that severally all over the thread. If you do not get the nuance between possession and use, then siwezi nikakusaidia.

Kama umekataa ya Netherlands then fine, fair enough. How about this one in Czech Republic where even possession is not illegal?


This stinks of entrapment. A gram of cocaine is barely enough to get the party started.

If you score the gram at $100 then a Czech cop measures it and finds .01 above the gram ati hio ni fine ya $830 ama jela. Hio ni ujinga. Serikali ya huko inatafuta pesa.

Cocaine is also cut with other substances so that gram holds very little coke.

That’s not how it works. No cop is walking around with a measuring device. An eye test is sufficient to tell what’s for self use and what’s for trade.
The whole point of the Central /Northern European approach to drugs is not to criminalize the end user, but rather the producers and suppliers.