Biden Mocks Trump, Tears Down The House at White House Correspondents' Dinner

President Joe Biden balanced jokes with a reverence for a free press during his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner on Saturday, roasting media figures, politicians, and himself.

Biden, 80, nodded to recent media coverage about his age as he seeks another four-year term.

“Look, I get that age is a completely reasonable issue,” he said, before sharing his perspective:
“You might think I don’t like Rupert Murdoch. That’s simply not true. How can I dislike a guy who makes me look like Harry Styles?”
“Call me old, I call it being seasoned. You say I am ancient, I say I’m wise” Biden said. He then joked:
“You say I’m over the hill, Don Lemon would say, ‘That’s a man in his prime,’” dragging the former CNN anchor days after Lemon was fired following his sexist and ageist comments made against Nikki Haley.

Right-wing channel Fox News — who recently settled a $787.5-million defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems, and then this week ousted host Tucker Carlson — took multiple jabs from the president and this year’s headliner comedian, Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr.

“I’d call Fox ‘Honest, fair and truthful.’ But then I’d be sued for defamation,” Biden cracked to a packed ballroom in Washington, D.C.

Biden also struck serious notes, emphasizing the importance of a free press. He said of Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal journalist detained in Russia on espionage charges, that he was “working every day to secure his release.”

He also returned to a theme from last year’s speech, saying that America’s “democracy remains at risk” from misinformation and “poison” in some sections of the press.

“Lies told for profit and power. Lies and conspiracy and malice repeated over and over again, designed to generate a cycle of anger, hate and even violence,” Biden said, pointing to book bans, anti-transgender laws, abortion bans and the recent expulsions of state representatives over protests.

Speaking after the president, Wood, the latest Daily Show star to accept the WHCD headlining gig, poked fun at Biden, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Rep. George Santos, and former president Donald Trump. The comedian noted that the one thing unifying media and government was “scandal.”

“Real quick, Mr. President, I think you left some of your classified documents up here,” he opened.

Wood joked that no scandal has been more damaging than the scandal of: “Is Joe Biden awake?”

“Say what you want about our president, but when you wake up from that nap, work gets done,” Wood said. He “might doze off, but then it’s, ‘Infrastructure bill, student loan forgiveness … did we free Brittney Griner? Free Brittney Griner!’”

Wood, who majored in broadcast journalism at Florida A&M University before entering comedy, turned sincere in his defense of media. But, he said, much of the public can’t afford some of the media’s “most essential, fair and nuanced reporting” — a lot of which is paywalled.

Wood earned boos from some in the audience when he brought up anti-drag legislation and gun violence.

“Drag queens are not at a school to groom your kids. Stop it,” he said. “And even if they were, most of them kids are going to get shot at school.”
“Don’t groan, pass legislation,” Wood told the lawmakers in attendance.

As star journalists mingled with comedians and other celebrities at this year’s event, climate activists used the occasion to stage a protest outside of the Washington Hilton Hotel, where the dinner was held. Protesters were demanding President Biden keep his promise to end new fossil fuel drilling on federal lands. The protest was organized by Climate Defiance, a group that calls itself “a brand-new movement of young people.”

The WHCA’s guests were forced to walk past a line of protestors to enter the event, noted Mia McCarthy, a reporting fellow for Politico who was on the scene, as activists chanted that the media was complacent and not pressing Biden enough on the issue.

NPR also played a part in Biden’s speech. The president took a jab at Elon Musk’s rocky Twitter acquisition and then joked about Musk’s criticism of some media organizations.

“Elon Musk tweeted that [NPR] should be defunded,” Biden said. “Well, the best way to make NPR go away is for Elon Musk to buy it.”

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Breaking: Biden Second Term More Evident as he saves Global Economic Catastrophe…

[SIZE=7]House OKs debt ceiling bill to avoid default, sends Biden-McCarthy deal to Senate[/SIZE]


WASHINGTON — With overwhelming bipartisan support, the House voted Wednesday to pass the debt ceiling legislation negotiated by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden, sending it to the Senate with days to spare before a potentially disastrous default.

The vote was 314 to 117 with 149 Republicans joining 165 Democrats.

The bill would extend the debt limit for two years alongside a two-year budget agreement if signed into law. It is the culmination of months of political warfare and weeks of frenzied negotiations between the two parties that finally broke a lengthy stalemate over the issue.

The McCarthy-Biden deal overcame heavy criticism from GOP hard-liners, who argued that its spending cuts and conservative provisions are too weak. It also faced opposition from Democrats, who criticized the added work requirements and non-defense spending cuts negotiated by the two men.

“You are getting so many wins for the American people in this bill,” McCarthy said, hailing it as a measure that “moves us in the right direction” fiscally. He said his message to fellow Republicans on Wednesday was: “You’re not spending more money. There’s no new government programs. There’s no tax increases. There’s nothing in the bill that you really should be negative about.”

“A debt default would be a cataclysmic event, with an unpredictable but probably dramatic fallout on U.S. and global financial markets,’’ said Eswar Prasad, professor of trade policy at Cornell University and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

The threat has emerged just as the world economy is contending with a panoply of threats — from surging inflation and interest rates to the ongoing repercussions of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the tightening grip of authoritarian regimes. On top of all that, many countries have grown skeptical of America’s outsized role in global finance.

The bill now goes to the Democratic-led Senate, where it needs 60 votes before it can get to Biden’s desk. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., have both endorsed it and called for speedy passage.

Right Side Broadcast Network (RSBN) guest host Matthew Alvarez has distanced himself from comments made by an attendee at a Donald Trump rally who said he wanted liberals to be killed after initially appearing to agree with the statement.

Alvarez addressed the controversy surrounding the comments made by the supporter as well as what appeared to be him agreeing with them.

He said: “Now, there is something that is trending on Twitter right now. Outside we were interviewing a number of people who were talking about how great the country is, how great the president is and I heard something else that was spoken.”

Alvarez then distanced himself from the comments, saying: "That is not something that I agree with, obviously. So, if there is something that happened, where somebody was speaking out there, I didn’t hear those words spoken.

“It’s very loud outside, all I know is I’m here for God, for this country, for truth, for President Trump, that kind of thing. Definitely not a proponent for anything like that happening.”

RSBN host Brian Glenn then offered support to Alvarez and said the clip would be viewed out of context by those on the left.