Biden looking to start a full on war

Every American President since the 90s has been looking to start a war, except Trump ofcourse. So this one who looks like he takes xanax for breakfast is determined to start the biggest one of them yet…this is one fight the Americans will not win and the east is looking at the situation very closely and planning themselves accordingly.


Everything is planned like a chess game. Jamaas will throw you a knight and dare you swing your queen. Then utajua ujui.

Mattisue leta offers, uchumi ni mbaya buana

Anti American cynicism is at an all time high, even Germany are keeping away from this one. Britain should pull out too

They’ll channel HAARP on Russian soil… Vile wame fanya Turkey… Hii ina weza kua noma sana…

There are no winners if a war was to errupt…

But Arms dealers… Wana taka kuuza…

Many countries except France hawataki ujinga ya Americunts. US wont win this one.

Then, why can’t they publicly chastise America. Wanaogopa nini? Outside of China/France/Germany and maybe Canada, what do the other countries count for anyway on the scale of things. Eg who cares what India thinks ( even if Indian PM stated he told Putin to retreat from war)?

The Georgia guide stones recommended maintaining humanity under 500 Million in perpetual balance with nature.

Given the current global population of 7 Billion, an event has to occur that will eliminate 6.5 Billion souls.

Biden is trying to deliver that goal.

The old man has already lived his life and only has a few years left so he has nothing to lose.

Biden had to seek permission to visit Ukraine from Putin. All incoming aircraft to Ukraine have to seek authorization from Russia lest they get shot down in an active warzone. Every single ‘world leader’ had to seek clearance from Russia to visit Ukraine. Ukraine no longer controls its airspace, Russia does, believe that

@Simiyu22 hebu read this news maybe huja soma. Hao watu wako know India can put them in their place. So they send their spanner boy Soros. Hapo recently ended Munich security conference, the bugger pokes India and their foreign minister hits back without holding back. This indian attack was too much for their weak woke psyches. As it should be.

Please stop watching cnn and bbc. They dont show these things. Utabaki to be misinformed. Just like you still are.

[SIZE=6]India FM Jaishankar says Soros dangerous, debate needed on democracy …[/SIZE] › world › india › india-fm-jaishankar-says-soros-dangerous-debate-needed-democracy-2023-02-18
3 days agoSYDNEY, Feb 18 (Reuters) - India’s foreign minister said the democratic world needed a debate on democracy, labelling billionaire investor George Soros "old, rich, opinionated and dangerous

Yea. Only if you are some third world African, or Asian or South American country.

More money to yukrane!

Meanwhile back at the ranch,

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1 day agoEast Palestine, OH residents are surely quite impressed by Biden’s visit to Ukraine Posted at 10:42 am on February 20, 2023 by Doug P.

And an example of superpower transport infrastructure. The strongest bridge in the “strongest” country in the world. :D:D:D:D:D


Soros has no discussion on this.

Russia planned a quick war. Quick in, quick victory. One year late, Putin is closer to the beginning than to the half way line.

US barely use rail transport. It’s the reason they don’t have high-speed rail. No interest. Everything is road or air.

Soros funds NED, National Endowment for Democracy, one of the key soft power tools of the State Department. Surely bana hizi vitu you should be aware ndio we talk the heavy things. Hizi preliminaries waste time bana. You see why I tell you to stop watchin cnn and bbc?

Halafu, wewe ndiye unajua what russians want. Ndio you articulate it for us? They tell you halafu you come tell us? Ndio ukuwe na opinion that hawaendi poa?

Soros opinions have to consideration on foreign policy.
Ps I haven’t watched cnn since 1998.
If you know the background on the war, you would know what Putin wanted.

Yet they use it to transport stuff that now make the not so good headlines. Why not use f22s to transport them then? Kubali vitu are not 100% good. Once you realise your favourite country’s weakness, you will be a bit more realistic in your assessments.


Sifuatangi news huko, but Hebu tabulate the number of collapsed bridges on rail since inakusumbua sana.

Foreign policy for China in 1970 and today, the same.
Foreign policy for Russia in 1970 and today, the same.
Foreign policy for Cuba in 1970 and today, the same.
Foreign policy for Isreal in 1970 and today, the same.
Foreign policy for Middle East in 1970 and today, the same.
Foreign policy for Africa in 1970 and today, the same.

These are successive Democratic and Republican administrations.

But yet you believe Soros is waving a magic hand in
Policy? Wewe toka ndoto bana.