Did America really elect this senile old man??? Skip to 0.48

International democracy.

Rather the perfect representation of where America stands on the world forum……

No big deal

:D:D:D:D:D hio ni torture. Mzee Ka huyu anafaa kuwa akipigia wajukuu forktales. Na kupeleka mbuzi malishoni akiwa na wajukuu.
Shenzi type.

Bado wacha Kamala aingie…

Slow News Day…Making hay outta nothing…Read this from FOX NEWS… :D:D:D:D

[SIZE=6]Biden one of many top American leaders to fall while boarding presidential jets[/SIZE]

The president was briskly climbing the stairs to the presidential jet before appearing to trip, attempting to gather himself, then tripping again. A reporter in the pool following Biden reported that it’s a windy day at Andrews.

The White House said that Biden “is doing 100% fine” after his fall.

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield elaborated on Biden’s condition.

“I know folks have seen that President Biden slipped on his way up the stairs to AF1, but I’m happy to report that he is just fine and did not even require any attention from the medical team who travels with him,” she said. “Nothing more than a misstep on the stairs.”

Top American leaders have a history of struggling with the stairs used to board the aircraft meant to carry them around the world and keep them safe from attack.
Former Vice President Mike Pence last year stumbled while boarding Air Force 2.
And Biden’s previous boss, former President Barack Obama, nearly fell down Air Force One’s stairs while disembarking the aircraft in 2015.

Former President Gerald Ford, on a previous version of Air Force One, fell nearly headfirst down the stairs of Air Force One in 1975.

Former President Donald Trump, within days of Pence’s near fall on Air Force Two, appeared to be close to falling down a ramp at West Point Military Academy after speaking at a commencement speech for graduates.

Generally, People from a country ruled by a weed smoking drunkard should not be making a big deal of an old man slipping and falling.

He is not drugging the whole U.S down with those falls, like our drunk is sending .ke down for years to come.


He is America’s Yeltsin.

Reminds me time fulani nilibeba dame kwa klub nikiwa maji … tukishuka stairs she seemed like she kept missing a step, n I kept saying “sorry watch ur step sweety” hadi boy wangu mmoja akanishtuwa. Kumbe alikuwa amputee na mguu moja fupi banae. Anyway …Airforce 1 ni ya mzito Biden … he can take a shit in the stairs for all we care.

This old senile dog was challenged by Putin yesterday for a public debate ikakataa.

The Russian bear would have wiped the floor with him since lazima isome teleprompter

The man could barely string a sentence together while campaigning. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Kamala ana-rub tu mikono, waiting to pull a Suluhu.

Hiyo ni korona ! Raïs Kamala loading.

America ndio imeslide twice sio mzae, mzae ako fiti anacheza mbio mbio style za Obama na haelewi Obama ni Halal

Uyu buda anaukata very soon

Hizi ni effects za vaccine, anakufa

ibilisi saitan manispaa chieth

@T.Vercetti weigh in on this one.

but US is a real shithole. Yaani Kenya hapa hate crime hatujui ni nini huko ni something normal

I think they should swear in Kamala Harris already like in TZ. Biden is too old to handle the job.

The travels and change of weather will fucck him up pretty good. Kamala akikuja huku tumtumie @mluhya ampige stick ataambia msito Xi Jin Ping asahau na deni.