Biblical Wisdom is all

The Bible teaches a balance between patriarchy and feminism.

Patriarchy-Jesus calling his mother “woman”
Feminism - Jesus proceeding to perform his first miracle, following a woman’s request, after uttering the above “slur”.

You can also look at David, the man who killed a soldier-friend for a woman then also held back when his daughter was raped by his son.

We must be both patriarchs and feminists, like the God who spared Rahab but later chose a virgin for his mother. The God that died with both Mary Magdalene and Mary at his side.

A request. NOT a command, NOT a directive.

False. Lust just got the better of him and he paid a heavy price for it too.

False. Ephesians 5:23 says the husband IS the head of the wife. Hakuna ata power sharing hapo.

Nice try though. Kama we ni pastor lazima umepoteza wengi.


You miss my point. Both extremes (modern patriarchy and feminism) are lost. Women are the weaker vessel, but they are our neighbors and deserving of Godly love.
We must learn to be like Jesus, able to listen to them, tolerate them, and defend them against pharisees, while still knowing that they are credulous creatures that could cut your hair.

You are either a man or a woman.nothing in between.