Bible Study

New revelation from the Holy of Holies, Jesus Christ, reveals that there is VERY LITTLE time left.People need to seek Him and repent.These are the end of days. Therefore more practical approaches have to be taken.

Anybody willing to engage in the Bible Study, here is a more detailed discussion of TRUTH.Those who are willing to hear and seek TRUTH in these final hours…KINDLY LISTEN.THERE IS VERY LITTLE time left.This study will give a basic understanding to those who do not know Jesus and more light to those who acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord of Hosts.
Topics Covered include
History of Religion from Noah to Acts
The Roman Catholic Church
Knights Templar
Jehovah Witnesses
Free Masons

If you can spend time to watch a series on Netflix and EPL,then you can make time to find TRUTH and you will save your life.

Be Wise and Get out of the Matrix.

I like that references were provided which are often missing in such videos. Will find time to study them. It’s interesting to me how ancient cultural practices and worldviews are encoded into modern life, and affect us without knowing

Indeed…in this age we live in, there is too much information/data available but very little wisdom on how to navigate this matrix. As you say, it is important to ensure that sources are provided for every piece of information/statistics provided.

Concerning the times,we are back to the days of Noah and Lots time as Jesus said. Same script,different characters.The Church of Jesus Christ needs to wake up.

There is more INTENSE content coming: will also update soon as the Lord leads. Ancient practices are all over. When Jesus says we are deceived, believe Him.When He says the wisdom of men is foolishness before Yah, believe Him.Man is indeed very foolish. May our Lord Jesus have mercy on us.