Bible Study

Believers and non Believers

  1. Our Lord Jesus Christ has led me to start an online Bible Study here in KT to those who want to hear His Word and gain understanding.Praise Yah for His grace and mercy.The Lord says in KT, He has His “set apart ones.”
  2. It will be covering several topics and will help many get a basic understanding of the Bible not as taught in many religious organizations out here but as taught by the Bible as the Word of God.Please try and stay all the way to the end to see all the patterns and help unlock some of the mysteries.You will also be able to find some answers to some of the questions you have.
  3. Beware that once the Word of God proceeds people will attempt to create confusion and distractions.I do encourage constructive criticism for it helps one to observe issues from different perspectives, do an objective analysis of the facts presented and come to a logical conclusion.This is good.
    However there is another group. In most cases, you will realize that these people have no basis,have no facts of their own.They just want to oppose for the sake of opposing, perhaps to just seek attention.One thing we should understand is the devil is an attention seeker.One of the easiest ways of handling gimmicks is to observe, stay silent and pray for them (the people not the devil). So be vigilant and STAY GROUNDED TO THE VERY END.
    4.I will also be answering some questions as the Lord leads,but please when you ask a question,do it with LOVE.Additionally let us be willing to work by digging and reading the Word and where no answers have not yet been revealed to me or others, let us not force things.Let us pray and be willing to wait for His answers.Moreover, if I misrepresent any information, I will also admit it, do a further study and pray for revelation.
    5.Also note that I will also be using some other sources where necessary to help people understand certain mysteries more deeply.In such cases ,I will be naming my sources for further reference.
    6.I would also like to urge the believers,those who are in more advanced stages of their walk with Jesus, to PLEASE tone down your theology to try and accommodate those who are not in your level of faith.Kindly assist in giving more SIMPLIFIED explanations of what Yah has blessed you with so that all may benefit.Let us note that the essence of having knowledge is to help others understand and not to show off how much we know.
    Hope you will be blessed and may we all be edified by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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I urge you to open a new tab on your device and search hizi vitu… don’t think this is pseudo history or conspiracy theories… this is real stuff !!

The europeans perfected the slave bible christian doctrine during negroe slavery where these god loving christians chose what to teach slaves by using a special bible with removed chapters , books and verses…

its the same type of christianity our grandparents were taught by colonialists and it’s the same stuff churches teach today alongside the all mighty prosperity gospel.… is this what God himself wanted !?

if you check out the older Ethiopian christianity , you will see the congame…


[SIZE=5]Here is how jesus got created…“[/SIZE][SIZE=7]mwenye macho haambiwi google it[/SIZE][SIZE=5]”…![/SIZE]



No problem senior. However,I would like to hear your comment on this,what do you believe in spiritually?

Spirituality is a way of life (animism is a great example) while religion is belief around a set of rules utilising spirituality .

we could even say spirituality is natural and religion is man made .

There are rules in abrahamic religions talking about slavery . Clearly enslavement goes against core moral principles thus it points to just some guys who decided to bend spirituality to serve their interests ?

That should tell you that these rules are man made . ata unapata the message in the quran and the old testament are related but the rules around those religions are different… i urge us to research hizi vitu juu Mental slavery is brain cancer .

Every video or photo i attach here should give you perspective .



Well noted.Religion and Spirituality are two distinct topics altogether.
In the Christian faith ,they signify 2 different things.Christianity as a “Religion” what we call “Churchianity” is a system of control used by smart people to manipulate and take advantage of those who have limited knowledge and experiences. It is mainly approved by men.It is displayed by outward appearance and actions done to please a certain group of people or seek approval from a congregation rather than an inner change of heart and renewal of the mind.In this case,one of the key ways of identifying this type of control is where sin is never discusses in depth, the full nature of Jesus Christ as the Son of God is never included and men never read the Bible for themselves,to know God,His laws and His promises for man. As a result, a few men took it upon themselves to twist the correct teachings of God to further their own personal, social,economical and political agendas.Do not be shocked, this has always happened in history.

On the other hand, christianity as a “Biblical doctine” is a lifestyle totally free of control.The centre of Biblical Christianity is Yahweh ( meaning “the Covenant keeping God”, the One TRUE God of Israel), His Son Yahshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ)(meaning “God is Savior”) and the Ruach Hakodesh (meaning The Holy Spirit).The doctrine is approved ONLY of God and His Word, not men.Biblical Christianity is only displayed first by an inner change of mind and heart, total remorse and hatred towards sin,the acceptance that because of sin,man has fallen short of the commands of a Holy God, and the need for a Savior to restore the original relationship man had with Yah in the Garden of Eden.The only check and true Word of Yah is the Bible and all prophets,pastors and preachers fall secondary to this.The Bible has the final say in all things ,for God demands a personal,habitual relationship with man through His son Yahshua (Jesus Christ) as the only mediator between God and man.No man can mediate for another man after Jesus Christ came to earth and died for their sins.

Please note that what is taught in most churches is “churchianity” and not “Biblical christianity”

Issues to do with slavery and history must be put in full context to get a deeper understanding of what really happened.As earlier stated, matters faith have been used to divide men amongst themselves and control resources and this has always happened since the fall of man HOWEVER, this does not mean it should be so.

One of the key concepts we will discover that most nations that were taken as slaves including Israel and Africans all had one common theme.

Lets hope that we will have a fruitful discussion when the time comes.Grab yourself a good Bible and we will see to search the truth together.

However we cannot cover the whole Biblical manuscript because the Bible is a very powerful book and therefore we intend to do this with about 100 conversations.You wilI also realize that even the devil, being a fallen angel also uses it to further his agenda.We will only attempt, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to give a general guide for those who wish to understand certain patterns and truths in the Bible and start their journey in Jesus Christ.