bibi ya mtu...

Kuna kamoja niko idhaa yake,after hii ata nime pata sense,nime chorea.sande sana

Akanyal crik bila crit

Njaruoman why waste people’s bandos? Hakuna ending, just a gun being blandished?

ange mseti moja ya mguu

Must be a Juvenile …

A REAL Man will not waste his time fighting over a Woman … :D:D

@Douchebag confirmed @PHARMACY huuza mkundu 50 bob mlolongo . he fuckked him

The moment they will capture you for raping that school kid , I swear I will be state witness . I will come there armed with screenshots of that sick thread as you bragged about sleeping with a minor to appease ktalk fools . I will personally supervise you being jailed at kamiti maximum prison .
It’s against the law to impregnate or even penetrate a school kid.[ATTACH=full]500394[/ATTACH]