bibi ya mtu sumu

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Looks like a radical fashion trend that could potentially catch on.

Hehehehe …

Must have been William Tell’s Wife … :D:D


William Tell is a folk hero of Switzerland… According to the legend , Tell was an expert marksman with the crossbow who lived in the Swiss Canton of Uri.

Seems to me it was a fluke hit from the rear ( …he was probably in high speed flight …) that glanced off the Cranium and went thru the scalp …

A few inches lower and it would have been curtains for the fellow … :D:D

…Hio ni warning tu :D:D

@Gaza did you extend your cattle rustling skills to your wife’s side dish?

Alikula bibi ya @Gaza

Aliponea puchupuchu

Shot while in the act ama nini .
Yenyewe wanaume wengine hamjipendi, unakorogaje cum ya another nicca na vile madem vitu wadogo wamejaa huku nje

Hii sasa kichwa imepasuliwa.

:D:D:D:D:D fake news . hii ni zile vita za wa maasai na wakalee

Huyu pengine alikula ya @Kalenjin101 @kalenjinkirdit @Kibiwott Kangogo ama tho’ it’s a little far fetched @il torobo juu huyu naye anaishi katikati ya forest. Bows and arrows are used by young boys for target practice to sharpen their skills up in my neck o’ the hood.

why am i laughing:D


It’s sheer miracle that the arrow didn’t go through his brain