Bibi ya KDF sumu

Elders from Kericho should know this story by now… While the KDF major was commanding some troops pale zoomalia, some Elder was busy laying pipe here in Nai.
Major arrived last week,and Saturday proceeded to slaughter the wife at their in-laws… Fortunately team building squad was quick to act, both in ICU currently![ATTACH=full]445974[/ATTACH]

Next Men conference RAO akuwe Nominated guest speaker, He tell men, after Moi detaining home, akirudi pale home alipata mwalimu alikuwa anafanya nini ?
You can’t be out there and expect to come back home to a tight pucci, you will even get it wet. Ala ! ! !

I think kuwa KDF in these modern times na umeoa ujue tu utakuwa unakuliwa bibi unless ulioa an extremely religious woman ama ulikuwa lucky bibi hawezi kanyaga nje otherwise kukuliwa ni lazima.

Same to watu wanafanya kazi mbali

Hapa ni salamu tu na pastor au imam.

There is someone here who bragged how he was working on a KDF missus… I hope 40 days are not over now and that here we are!

Hakuna guarantees hata kama mnaishi na yeye nyumba moja daily. Housewifes hufinyiwa macho na vijana wa boda boda na wanatombwa tuu. Kama shimo sio yako there is nothing you can do to prevent ndume ingine kutomba. Bibi yako ndiye ataamua kama atapeana ama atanyima wanaume wengine. You have no control. You can only react akipeana but but you cant prevent it from happening.

ilikuwa mimi. That was a long time ago and they’re still together. I feel sad for beta male plantation ghaseers like @Yuletapeli. We chew their wives, the wife gets pregnant, @Yuletapeli raises the kid and showers it with love.

Okay… Stop that habit… These guys are busy protecting us from kina D- ya 2016 in their real homeland!

I love repeating this for the sake of new villagers:

You can never tame a woman,it is her personal decision.
To back that using the bible,it is the meaning of “a good wife comes from the Lord”

Yaani,a woman does not cheat because she does not.want to offend God and destroy her relationship with him,you tap into that and be a beneficiary.

…now you know all religious women in your church have no relationship with God!!!

hehe. OK, OK. I didn’t even know the husband was a KDF until much later

In other words, alikuwa ameo kunguru tu! But that is the reality of marriages all over nowadays!

…nitakupiga makahasho :smiley:
Hizo wasiwasi huwa sina kabisaa.

To me relationship is not the same as ownership. I play my role if it’s my turn, iki expire another one will pick from where she left…ama namna gani

Or get yourself an Asexual woman.

That’s where people complicate things. If she chooses to stay with you then she should be all in. Not just halfway through untill someone else takes your place or her whorism kicks in.
She might have as well stayed boy friend and girlfriend and not husband and wife.

Drop that mentality eti you are okay with the fact that bibi yako atakuliwa nje… No mehn feerk that, I am not bagging STIs and Garbage so that I can please the system.

Bibi ya wenyewe sumu

Nature does not expect a man to take it lightly that his woman is being eaten while either engaged or married to them… No way!

Huwezi chunga mtu mzima…never

Hehe, unadhani mabibi hukuliwa nje huwenda na report, they hide it. Again I repeat huwezi shinda ukichunguza mtu mzima. Bora akikosa fukuza. Kama efidens Iko fukuza saa hio hio

Guy snapped, he had just arrived from Somalia, it escalated real quick! My boy right now is in hiding, the gods protected him for now! Not sure what will happen next

you can never tame a woman, ata wale wa sabina joy na Vip some are married to men like @Yuletapeli who keep praising and worshipping them, without knowing they are being dicked na wanaume 20 every day.