Early last year there is this lady alihamia karibu na pahali na work.i knew she was married with two kids,sikua na morale na yeye instead she had a curved tall dark friend mwenye nlikua na nyemelea but was using this married woman to get her,
Dayz gone by ikafika day nadai number coz kidogo kulingana na riply nlikua naletewa nikama kalikua kanaingiliana.kuletewa number nikaanza kuchart na yeye but nikipitana na yeye sioni signs zozote I started doubting that married woman.i confronted her and she admitted that hangehekubali beste yake na yeye ako,I told her but you are married na ukona familia she said yess but her husband doesn’t treat her right and still fuck her right I asked her what she want she told me she want a ben 10 to fulfill her thirsty mi nikamwambia mi siwezi labda nikutaftie koz staki kufa you know what happened tulia hapo wacha nikatafute mzinga ntakam kumalizia…


I highly recommend this autobiography:


Boy we ukimaliza kunyonga monkey hii ndio uchinka unapost after umelegea. Shenzi type.

Hii passage fupi hivi unashindwa kuakifisha?

Tema jaba

Punctuation subbie!

@administrator I am tired of blocking these retarded nv chieths every 30 minutes, develop a policy where they only read posts but cannot comment or create one for the first 4 weeks. Incase they desperately wants to create a post only limit the visibility to you and your cahoots i.e. Electronics4u, Purple et al. Evaluate if they meet kijiji threshold, if you find they don’t, ban them for life and save us from their filth


Nice fiction 4.5/10

At 2 am anaendea booze…smdh. Lakini sasa vijana wametoka from bashing single mums to screwing married mums? talk of retardation high voltage. Nkt.

I agree with you Finest One. Isn’t it just stupid to leave alone a singo mother who needs a man to scratch her in all the right places to go for a married mother who has someone scratching her regularly?

My pea size brain imeshindwa kuelewa hii mambo. Nilisoma mwingine gloating about how he chewed a neighbour’s wife when the son was knocking at the door. Extremely shocking.


How are you tata wa randan?wacha siasa…let our [SIZE=1]creative writers[/SIZE] be.

Tata is doing great. Enjoying her Easter kiasi, boys out doing boy things like footie and fishing na kusafisha macho hehehe. Habari ya masiku?

I love our creative writers like my small broski forest monkey. Mazee…:D:D:D