Bibi Wa Mtu 99








Bum imeweza but…
Click hiyo link upate hii file…


[SIZE=5]No IF’s or BUT’s [ … no pun intended …]
Some women just have the RIGHT Stuff … [/SIZE]:D:D

Bernice Saroni .


One word … mboch.

Edible, but not presentable in public.

This woman could buy you and your entire clan with just her pocket change …:D:D


No thank you. Pass. We don’t associate with these common harlots :smiley:

How many tonnes of cellulite do you think there are in those bags?

How does that knowledge help You …???
Enjoy the moment … :smiley:


I was … until I got to those thunderthighs. What on earth are those?

Omondi homosexual hizo ndio soundtracks unaskianga ukitombwa mkundu