Bibi Wa Mtu 57











Good hope chieth

Rexxsimba washana na kina mama

More like nyanya ya mtu.

Such women are easy-going

Tanker, Kuna siku niliipatana na such tanker wah, habari mboy, twende shot

Your downward spiral has never been this low.

Lazima alitesa sana back then na kamisi.


Mjooloos only discriminates on the basis of major issues. Age, shape, colour, presentability … hizo ni vitu ndogondogo. Napita na huyo na kumshow next time alete beshte yake.

Nakumbuka tu akapiga nduru akiniita mpenzi

That age group dont want women who remind them of what They left at home! They go for Pretty Young Things:D

  • Mature.
  • Independent ( do not want your money).
  • Stable.
  • Discreet.
  • No Commitments.
  • Drama Free.
  • Skilled in Pleasure Arts.
  • Readily available.
  • Full Satisfaction always.
  • When it’s over , they move on quietly.

The Typical MO (… Modus Operandi…) :-

She drives into ( or taxies ) to the pre-paid venue.
Proceeds to the Action Zone ( light refreshments already in place ).
You arrive after carefull recon for “hostiles” in the area.
You enter and both enjoy the fruits of your labor …
Thereafter , seperate exit times and points …
No phone calls or Incriminating WhatsApp messages …
Just a short , Cryptic SMS saying …“Home Safe” … “Nice Day” …or … “Good Weather” … :D:D:D