Bibi Wa Mtu 01

Before anyone condems me , this is a Wife Appreciation Thread …

Since many of you do not appreciate the good Booty that you have in your homes , it is up to us intrepid and caring Men to keep these nice Ladies entertained … :D:D:D

Please feel free to comment or add your own escapades … :D:D:D








149.90/- mwisho kama @cortedivoire






Huyo wa mwisho ako na ndevu Kwa kifua si no mwanaume?






Hawa wanapenda mkia. Vile @majizee amesema

Yule ameona booty aniambie…

You have a big problem @rexxsimba

Wa beards ni kama Kutomba tranny kama @captain obvious

i dont look at people’s wives twice. mimi heri nitafute yengs wa campus nikamue

#1 ni slay kween fulani who used to date a mzungu years back. She must have been 20 at most. With the wall in sight, Mzungu akaingia embobuot after kupatia yeye mimba

#mkamba in black dress na sun glasses - alijaribu kuniuzia gari imbo ex-japan. Mwanamke hajui anything about gari I don’t know how she makes sales.

Ngoja utimu kimiaka,hapo ndio utajua hujui utam pahali iko. Enjoy your twenties ,thirthies and fourties pole pole mtu yangu

You may look once … :D:D




All they need is a little Love and Attention …
And lots of hot , wild S*ex … :D:D

Rexxssenga okoka kijana

When Hell freezes over … :D:D