Bibi Kisirani

Evening wanakijiji…Of late I have not been thinking straight and I fear it may not end well. My wife of 6 yrs amekuwa so rude and stubborn huwezi mwambia any not even sending her to the kiosk. Am on a two months leave from jobo and had to lie to her that I have lost my job after I realised she had changed in behaviour…sasa mashida zilianzia hapo, first my conjugal rights were withdrawn emmediately and mark me its exactly 3wks 4days since “I lost my job”.I usually leave money for meals whenever I leave the house lakini there’s no one to serve me supper nikirudi. She comes open the door then heads back straight kulala without even a word. Nimekuwa nikijiwarmia supper for that long and breakfast too and when I confront her on why she’s acting weird anasema “the food is always ready nikupasha moto tuu”. Jana I left the house without leaving money behind intentionally nione kama atagutuka lakini wapi. She came back from work at around 4pm akanipigia simu akaanza kuzusha ati nadhani watoto watakula nini nkamwambia sitaki kisirani and I didn’t send any money for veges. Jioni kurudi dish imeiva but as usual there’s no one to serve me…how do you even deal with someone like this??

@administrator tafadhali weka sekshen ya “masaibu ya planteshen.” Hawa ndugu zetu wanaona muoto.

First things first: had you had a discussion on ur finances? Since she is working, what bills does she pay?

Umejaribu 2 hot slaps and a sweep?

Yes, she sorts out electricity and water bills and am left with the other responsibilities

i am sure you miss ur single days

Something doesn’t add up.

Kuna kitu hutuambii. As unreasonable these people can be kunakuwa na 6th sense wanakuwanga nayo.

She probably saw texts or you came home smelling soap ya lodging.

MGTOW boys right now led by @Karoga and his errand boy @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii


Hii nayo apana…whenever she feels insecure she asks me on the spot hangoji kesho ama kisirani

disappear for 3 months.

Single mother anakupeleka aje Byro

Kuja home at 1pm…take a look at her for 5 straight minutes… Walk out…buy another line… return after 2 weeks (a well connected man will find out how)…on returning take a look at her…go to sleep…wake up go to work… trust me someone will blink first.

@Umashi umefilisika sasa umemjua mkeo. You are an adult. You know what to do.


Ever wondered how a man and a woman can stay married for 30+ years?? Its not because they love each other that much. Its because they each have leverage over their spouse. The man provides the security and lifestyle, and the woman provides sex and children. If the man exits, the woman loses resources and security. If the woman exits, the man loses his children and other privileges.


Filisika ujue mkeo…start a side biz or jenga nyumbani haraka.

Maybe we need t to learn from Ben Baraza…

Sauti Sol’s Bien Baraza said monogamy is still a foreign concept to him as he does not understand how people expect someone to give themselves to one person for the rest of their lives.
He also lauded his wife Chiki, noting she is so driven, thoughtful, beautiful and he’s never met anyone like her.

Bien Baraza says he has difficulties understanding monogamy, lauds wife Chiki

“Don’t get me wrong, for some people it works, for some it doesn’t. For me as an artist and for other musicians or just people who have startups.
A startup is the same thing as art in the sense that the bearer of the vision is someone who is obsessed with their work. People who have an obsession with their work have a very difficult time making anything else than their work,” he said.

Hizi ndio stress haziko kwa Free Agent Lifestyle. No marriage, No Long term relationship

U gave her an inch. Now she is demanding a Metre.