'bibi anaweza kula nje bora mtoto awe wako'

Is what modern men have been reduced to. They know they’ve lost the war. They have accepted bibi yao atakulwa nje iwe na boss, human resource manager, co-worker etc and they won’t find her.

But all they want is the DNA test to confirm the kid was theirs.

They know they will marry a kunguru from college after she has whored seriously with a mileage from here to Timbuktu.

The war was completely lost.

Meanwhile, China blocks the accounts of feminists. They don’t want their society to be destroyed.

Ukiwa na bibi make her understand clearly that cheating is the top most of all makosa zote she can do in your house.
cheating means she has decided to replace you with another man so henceforth she is no longer under your expenses and care
Once umempata hakuna forgiveness. She packs her stuff and move out ama utamtoa na force. If kids wako, she either takes them ama awache. Cheating is a done deal for the marriage. No second chances are given
Bibi wengi wakijua hivi wata think twice before doing the sin

Does this apply when she catches you sampling outside?

The secret to a healthy marriage is to ensure there is NO suspicion of outside sampling from either side.

If one side decides they can allow a hint of suspicion then It Is Over.


No doesn’t and shouldn’t apply

That’s why unafaa kukua na at least 90% of vitu za nyumba kabla uhame na bibi. Just in case uchujwe

umafwi thread

Exactly, that’s what you tell her and to add to that you let her know you will replace her immediately alifanya hio upuss.

cheating is mandatory

Well if she understands the universal consequence of kukulwa nje is the guillotine or being kicked out…how will you end up there?

Kwangu I got 100% ,mpaka blender iko jikoni

characteristic of mountaineers

Na wengi nyumba husafishwa everything

This is very pathetic. You cheat, I dump you ASAP without thinking twice be it we have been dating for two weeks ama umenizalia watoto kumi. A woman who cheats on her man has no respect for her.

Nope. You were just experimenting with your options. As gor the lady, even entertaining the thought of cheating on you is already a capital offence. Don’t tell me anything about levelling the field, I am a man with a dick and that’s enough

When its me. We cannot call it cheating. You said it yourself, sampling.