Bibi amekuandika kama next of kin ama ameweka watoto ,mama yake and her siblings ?


Bibi hawezi tupa watoto

Wives clearly understand that their husbands are the only strangers in that union, the same cannot be said of husbands

The law of succession huwa haitambui what is written on her will or the man’s will. Mtu akikufa mali huendea spouse so hata akiandika siblings hawawezi pata any. The same way a man cannot disiherit his brother’s wife just because he is the one on the will.

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Hata uandike brother ako kama next of kin if you die…the immediate successor of your property is your spouse.

Mimi I resolved my small wealth will be bequeathed to my grandkids. It’s my way of extending the family microwealth across generations. My children and my wife wakule ile naleta kila siku.

:D:D:D:D:D… Mgtow= Freedom…What is yours is ours and what is hers is hers and the kids.

and I can prove it.


So much untrue info here, Anyone can inherit you, your spouse is NOT entitled to your wealth. But only if succession rules were followed, you can even have your neighbour inherit you.

No. The Law of succession Act is very clear. Priority is given to a surviving spouse and children. If you leave them out of your will, you might as well not having written a will

That only happens in an intestate succession .Say a closeted faggot kama @Azor Ahai amekufa na hajawacha will the property will be transferred to his kids wife ,mother ,father ,siblings half siblings ,distant relatives upto the 6th degree .Beyond hapo inakua mali ya serikali .

If however there is a will ,(testate succession ) disposal of @Azor Ahai 's property will be carried out on accordance with the wishes of the deceased . Akitaka kuachia his boyfriend @T.Vercetti or @Randy , no one can stand in the way of his wishes .

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Saitan , don’t project your faggot bullshit on me… enda upumuliwa kisogo mbali na mimi.

Elders wacheni kuwa thick. Next of kin means nothing. Next of kin ni yule mtu hupigiwa simu Incase of anything, tuseme umekufia kwa ajali, ama umepelekwa hosi ukiwa unconscious.
Next of kin ni kama vile huwa unaulizwa “nearest primary school, or nearest Landmark near your home”

Next of kin is very different from BENEFICIARY.
If you die today with millions in the bank your next of kin is not entitled to anything, only the BENEFICIARIES.
When a man is dead the woman holds his properties in trust for the kids.
Sheria inaprotect beneficiaries, sheria haiprotect next of kin.

If you don’t leave anything for anyone who can be categorised as a dependant, your will be invalidated and the courts may treat you as having died intestate.

that is subjective, the court can only order for provision but never invalidate the will, As I said, no one is entitled to your wealth, no one, not even your children.

Yes. When you are alive. You can squander all of it without any questions especially if you are self-made. Once you are dead, kids must get something.

Tell us more on this sir. Its news to me…