Biashara Ya Pombe

Once a time, i owned a club in a certain county headquarter. The place was doing very well. On a good weekend, i would make 2 million Tanzanian Shillings.

But that biashara is challenging or challenged me.

I later sold it out


Immense pressure from the community to choose one path of righteousness or “evvil”

Waiters would vanish with an entire sale and their replacements would do it even better.

Occasionally, police woukd raid of course if i stayed for 3 days without visiting them.

What broke the camel back is reconciliation in the morning. “Mikimo ilikua 37, tano zikaganda na tatu customer wakasema ni mbaya. Condom zilinunuliwa 77 packets. Customer waliblock choo na panties. Kuna customer alikojoa kitchen. Kuna customer ametapikia DJ. Chupa 116 zimeibiwa that weekend. Kuna customer wanaingia na captain Morgan wakiwa wameficha kwa uraraa.”

That business requires a very big heart and a person who also drinks.

Kudeal na walevi inahitaji upako, thats why its better to sell at position of agent or wholesale.

Ratchetry at its finest! :D:D

Biashara ya pombe ni ngumu. Requires one to engage the powers of waganga to deal with rogue employees

A few facts concerning said biz.

Bar business has bankrupted more businessmen than any other biz.

Under 40 running a bar bizness, chances of becoming an alchoholic are very very high.

You will be sharing profits with D minus and kanjo, lakini losses you handle on your own.

If you’re a drinker, you’ll most likely not last more than 5 years in the biz.

Once you shut down, your celebrity status takes a serious nosedive, pushing most into depression.

Biashara muhindi au walalo hafanyi, jua tu sio biashara mzuri!


Kuna siku tunaenda Mamba club pale museum hill, na tuko mobb deep like 15 guys…kabla tupande mat, donda and dere hat told us ati watatufikisha hadi kwa entrance. Wakajaribu kukataa ati tushuke huko kwa bararbara. So tukaanza kuzusha, one guy alitapika kwa windscreen ya mat.

Then venye dere alikubali kutupeleka hadi kwa entrance, tulikua tunakimbia kando ya gari kama outriders. Walevi are capable of anything :D:D:D:D:D