Biashara Magutamaguta: Torches with LCD screens


Are there such torches in Kenya?

Seen them with traffic police

Kuon maduong gi alot

Have only seen them with the huge ones. Theirs have LCD screens? Can this be an opportunity to import some see how they can sell?

Busuma emboofu nende chinyenyi

Ndii murangiri wa Nyumba ya mumbi

I have never been near them, will investigate
Good business though

:D:D just trying to decrypt the meaning of your name

Maduong = kubwa

Iyo ni yakupiga wahalifu picha ama?

nimeona yenye iko na tazer. Jumia
Is it legal Kenya kweli?

They are being sold every where in uae but very expensive

they cant hit mainstreaming considering sio kila mtu anahitaji mulika mwizi

Is it a good quality and decent battery life? @snapdragon it’s cool even if they begin as niche

Kama smart watches with android os ndio zilikataa kushika?(muhimu kuzuia ngeta)…iyo torch itaweza kweli? watu hawapendi small screens