Biashara downtown

It seems the business hasn’t been good this week to a level my downtown baes wananibook in advance plus napewa discounted price…who else amepigiwa??

you must be a very good customer to be on their speed dial ama ni @kelele tuu …


Lab technician wa hospitali… Your baes wanted to know kama results zimetoka


Closing day is near

I kno how take kea of them, i treat them like queens

They don’t LOVE YOU . They love your [SIZE=3]MONEY [/SIZE][SIZE=4]son[/SIZE]


Biashara ni mbaya lately. Nilienda local yangu jana nikapata ikiwa empty, something I would never expect on a Friday night. Ni kama watu wanahold pesa for security reasons za elections. That is the only reason I could think of…hoarding cash due to uncertainties. Siexpect mtu ako na family alewe sana kama savings sio poa at this time.

I kno that

I feel sorry for them, i wonder how they’ll survive incase P.E.V happens

You keep whore’s numbers?? They even know you by your name?? That is a new low even for Kidinyi himself


Yea i do,i atimes i can call one of them at my place.

Unfortunately, they get a lot of cash, but they are also very heavy spenders. As a regular drinker, I have interacted with several and most live from hand to mouth. On slow nights, they drink their own savings to forget their sorrows, because alcohol is addictive and expensive they dont retain much. The rest is consumed by numerous responsibilities especially children.

Biz is tuff now


There’s one who made 300k a month but aliishi Dandora.she was addicted to coke.

There’s one who shared with me her stories, i felt for her to level mpaka *ick ikaanguka juu ya story…

Shiet an average of 10k a day…20shots a nyt??

Exactly. Most have drug problems, are alcoholics and cant keep a buck in their pocket. Most of the times, their customers pay for drinks but 1 or two days in a week, business is bad and they end up drinking a large part of their own money to relieve work related stress and drown their sorrows. Even worse, just as they wisen up, they get more children from customers, remaining trapped in the same cycle. By the time they realize the mess, they are past 30 with three children and men no longer want to bed them favoring younger whores.

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To b frank can u date a whore??

I dont even ask for their names, just the unavoidable club talk. There are many ladies who are not whores why should I even contemplate dating one?

Bruh , Hao hoes wakiwacha hio job alafu waanze Biashara normal utaoa bila kujua