Beware of these Njaanuary Conmen

Farmers lets be careful with Conmen 2 Guys just call me with 075533093_ and 074340299_ …one guy Acting ka blocker the other ka The big fish… Told me they av Women Grp Eld so need 100 chicks evryweek…so for me to get The Tender i send Email and my name…i dd that 5mins later…Said av bn givn the Tender for this yr 2018 to supply 100 chicks evryweek na i pay 3k to recv the Tender Asap…only to tell them ata 1bob i cant pay…wameniblock Asap…be carefull na Conmen January nikubaya.

The blocker ndio alikublock ama?

There’s another email kwangu ati Tuskys Jobs available [ATTACH=full]149210[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]149211[/ATTACH] attached below, yote uwongo mtupu.

Hata wao wanajaribu kunukisha kitunguu. Conning is a full time job to some like kina @dark massai . Be on the watch.

This week five school fundraising has been deemed fraudulent. The successful candidates already had gotten funding for the fees and requirements for the year but they still did some fundraising all the same. Ask the concern to provide details I.e results slips, admission letters and principal Tel no. so that verification can take place. If family needs help in other areas its ok, let them be frank about it. Honesty still goes a long way.

And the way the economy is becoming sicker and sicker everyday! It will only get worse.