Beware of strangers during flights


Hii imezunguka zukabaga for 1year sasa

But still quite relevant. Ain’t it?

Umafwi umama thread

The earth is a rotten place. If people need help, get them an official, or the police, to help them, it’s safer that way.

I’d say it’s message is as relevant today as it was the first minute it was written. Perhaps more relevant than religious pamphlets!

Very relevant esp since kenya is trafficking very many naive girls to the Arab world

Can’t relate. Ktalk birrioneas we fly private.

Tiga ngoma nûgû îno.

Sounds fake but i will allow it.[SIZE=1]dusting for[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]fingerprints?why? Ama she meant the IONSCAN? [/SIZE]

Mimi mwenye sijawahi panda Ndege ningejifanya mzuri. Now I know.