Beware Buying land in utawala

As a brothers keeper I came across a well crafted group of well trained cariographed fraud racket in utawala plot selling .

Be very careful .These guys will con you in broad day light and sell you land that has has already been sold to 14 other individuals .
They will lias with the incharge of that area , to the neighbors you want to dig info from ,down to surveyor and finally to the transacting lawyer.

Almost fell into this scheme not until when I decided to mpesa 150 shillings, yes 150 Bob to one of fraudsters numbers who is purportedly the seller of the land! !!! is when I realised her number isn’t registered ,so no true ID number.

I have sworn that I’ll never buy a plot that has no title. Hii maneno ya land certificate is just piece of bullshit. Be warned fellas…

Following for educational purposes…

Great move. Better 150 than 1.5M.

Kuna mzee Fulani hapo wa committee fulani. Wears glasses and he is a man of God!! Moto wa kuotea mbali. Wacha tu… Shiny eyes will be the death of many people :D:D:D:D

Hata hapo Chokaa kuna dim-eyed fellas who are very ruthless.

Kua serious. Na last weekend nilikuwa huko ku survey

anava kilemba kama Obadiah…ule alicon mrs Muriithi

Hehe u almost graduating. . Ume follow for educational purpose since …

Hehehehe. sisemi details. I had a struggle with that mzee in 2014. Wuueeeehhhh. Kanisa na Mungu ni majina tu kwa watu wengi hupenda kusema wameokoka.

Is this valid? I am planning to get a piece there… have even surveyed. How do I know a genuine deal vs the one not genuine?

Hata titles wana-forge…from the conmen to the Land Registrars.

Hapo Embakasi Ranching a guy was shot dead the other day when he was sold somebody’s land. When he started fencing, the real owner showed up. The conned guy brought nyef nyef on how he is the righful owner. Wacha mambo ikuwe moto…bunduki kutolewa and the guy is now food for the worms.

Warning: Be careful when buying a property with a Provisional Title.

Conmen are forging IDs of real plot owners and claiming that their titles are lost/misplaced. They then apply for provisional titles. The Registrars in collusion will then produce provisional titles, which they replace the original titles with in the file. When you go to do a title search, you will be provided with a certified provisional title. When you pay the deposit, the provisional title is removed and they return the original title. When you now try to transfer to yourself, you are told that the title is fake. Hapo…deposit inakunywa maji. the worse is if they use the fake title to obtain a loan…wewe kwisha

Hii ni mnyama gani?

Tell me ,does that land have title deed?if not, do you personally know the owner? If not don’t risk.

Thanks .now it’s clear my fear was right. .

There are valid ones but for me I landed into a racket…you might be the lucky one. .best of luck

Instead of being keen on message you are being keen on my spelling. …I don’t think you are a serious person

That’s what happens in Chokaa too. And even when you start building, the gang demands you hire them to do the work, ukikosa kufanya hivyo unakuja asubuhi unapata ukuta ulikuwa umejenga halfway imesukumwa ikaanguka.

Buying land in Nairobi requires you have balls of steel. I have bought and lost and I have bought and developed.
Nothing comes easy.

kwani handle yako imekuwa blue sasa? :eek:

Some people are brave, or just dumb. Two surest ways to face a premature death in this city is to either screw someone’s wife or con someone off his land.