Beware, billionaires. Alcoblow is Back

Various locations in the city of Nairobi witnessed harvoc last night as police went for clubbers within the city. Road blocks were placed strategically along Mbagathi way, Ngong rd, Langata rd, Thika rd at safaripark, Madaraka both sides and at Parklands near the law school. Sources say that the crackdowns will continue, last night was a warm up exercise. This is how it went down.

Kilimani police station were all set at 2230 hours

At 2300 hours Thika road at Safari park there were road blocks on both sides of the super highway

Meanwhile at 0027 hours, forks along Langata road near Madaraka estate were on top of their lungs.

Officers processing a an old man found on the wrong side of the law.

If they sustain this, motorists will have to be more creative, but for quiver revellers, its a one way street, good luck to them. This is likely to continue.


Can’t relate

This thing has been around for sometime, I bet Zakayo is giving lofty targets to police bosses

You don’t drink or don’t drive? Or both?

Been a station or two. But last night it appeared well coordinated across the city and very well targeted

Kama lazima unywe, don’t drive. Chukua Uber ,it’s cheap and convenient


I dont drink

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Good. Alcohol is bad for ya


Driving while drunk is probably the most stupid thing you can do.


Who’s that girl on your avatar?

Just grab a cab, nduthi or drink at local where you can walk home. Afew weeks ago I saw a guy run into several parked cars at casavera ngong road, and the guy tried to hepa, which only made him hit even more parked cars. Nigga was drunk as fuck by time bouncers took away his car keys.

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Probably is. A car is like an extension of your house so when have it it you feel safer and are able to carry a few items that you may need. If you have a little too much, you still have the convenience of napping in the moti until ishuke.


96 arrested

100k fine each

Alexander Ocasio Cortez commonly known as AOC, a US congressman from New York


AOC. A very retarded leftist. Lakini akinipea slices siezi mind


:grin: wewe unapenda vitu petite Sana. She’s too skinny for me


Maze nimekuwa team thick most of my life sijui pepo ya petite imetoka wapi

Nimelala mara kadhaa ndani ya gari coz ya ku chew black out. Ile nimetei excess hadi nasema hakuna mahali naenda. Najifungia ndani ya ndae na kulala. Like 3 times so far. Am glad i did that otherwise I’d be dead or giving a different story today


I’ve never been busted for alcoblow in my life. Shikweni kabisa brare furrrs!!