BEWARE: Anatafuta za Xmas hapo Kencom

Kencom in town alleged asthmatic attack victim says he needs cash to sort his condition. Don’t be a victim and part with cash. He is fine.

These cons banaa, hadi he has bought that asthma thingy…SMH

Courtesy of a watchful good samaritan

That Thingy is an

thengs daktari

When did we sink so low? Smh…

heheh, mi siyo daktari just happen to have such a condition… but yo wercome

when we said “tano tena”:smiley:

I thought you would give concrete reasons as to why you think the dude is a con, but ni umeffi tu uko nayo. I understand there is a great propability he is a con but on the slight chance that he might be actually in genuine pain, I will not go down the road of castigating him. If I was aware of reasons to prove he is lying ndio naweza warn watu.

Do this, tembeza kiatu hapo Kencom and give him your money. Later on utampata base ya mogox, I have done my part

hahahahaha “he might be actually in genuine pain” thats not a posture you take if u are in an asthmatic attack or chest pain resulting from asthma, please ukiwa na video weka nimwone venye anaugua cc @Rauchen to me looks like a con

Rauchen aka @Jirani wewe hucheza chini sana na hii handle :D:D:D. Hakuna mambo ya shiny eyes and what not. That’s quite commendable.

See this comment from another victim: This man should be arrested, he had xray fro[SIZE=4]m Kenyatta National hospital[/SIZE] dated 20.12.17 yesterday. Is he there patient? He roams around CBD extorting cash from unsuspecting members of the public

Okay tuongee from such angles. Sio ku dismiss mtu as a con and no valid reasons are being given.

He is a con. A severe asthma attack forces one to lie facing down as breathing is easier in that posture. Lying facing upwards only worsens the problem


[li]Synonyms[/li][li]Examples[/li][li]Word Origin[/li][/ul]
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verb (used with object)
[li]to wrest or wring (money, information, etc.) from a person by violence, intimidation, or abuse of authority; obtain by force,torture, threat, or the like.[/li][li]to take illegally by reason of one’s office.[/li][/ol]
to compel (something) of a person or thing:
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lying facing up also exposes the chest to cold, so huyu anastahili viboko, then You only inhale 1 or 2 doses, siyo kubeba dawa kama lolypop

Na Njambi anatafuta za?

Fake it till you make it :D:D:D. kitunguu inuke, christmas imefika.

its where we’ve been wading since 82’

wewe inaka ni wa mashinani,hii ni nairobi,watu wanatembea na mitura zao nje for days ndio asaidiwe,the extent people will go to get alms is beyond comprehension.remember this …
,there are many ways to fleece in as much as it looks legit

Ferkkkkkkk manze nime feel vibaya sana. From now on I will only be buying these children food.