Betty looks fat and shapeless


The wall is final.

This one she hit is a ruthless one.

Na vile yeye hupenda kula kwa hiyo Upclose

Akili yake haiko 100%

She needs to hit the gym ASAP! Her body is her business but television is an aesthetics business, you either look good or get out of business.

Spidi ilikuwa mia kimyakimya.

Huyu mama kutoka kitambo i always said she was average at best

She is below par akitoa make-up she can’t even make it pale SJ. Labda aendee akatege kamae lane.

Huyu Dennis alisidestep soon as hio kitambi ilianza kurumble in bed.

The unrelenting wall. :D:D
I used to watch her on YouTube then forgot about her show, less than 3 BTW. Saw few days ago there and it’s like 10 years later.

crush ya kijana yetu brikicho.

Guys hii iko 78% kam anajiskia basi nayo nayo kabla ifike above average

age moja na gashui, check him mention Baha or such Eastland hoods.

The wall is relentless and undefeated

Unatupigia kelele tukitomba bibi

But does she care?
She doesn’t.
Read her bio on social media sites.
She says she lives life unapologetically.
Shindeni hapo.

Round is a shape too. :D:D:D


She is safi sana. Too bad for unrelenting rejected males fantasizing about her Poo C.