Betty Kyalo

Alifikiria matako inaweza lipa rent Nairobi, sasa wanaume wame’erevuka, amedanganya mamake wauze family home, waishi kwa flat na ile pesa iko juu waexpand salon ya Betty.

mwishowe itakuwa premium tears.

High income jobs in the private sector hukuwa kama business. Ni rahisi sana kuamka upate hauko job. And if you have been in business long enough utajua there are very good and very bad years because most businesses don’t last long. Sasa kwa news presenter kama huyu, ameshapita age yenye ange-leverage on her looks to get ahead in life. If hakujipanga then, sasa ni premium tears.

For those who never accepted & ageed that u is born, bred & a prodict of a rabid mongrel

:D:D:Dtalk about shooting your future in the foot

Akuje Goodhope tuchape kazi



Hii muchene umetoa wapi?

Very possible

Do you actually know whether she is the one that bought this shamba and build the house for her mother…

wale siz wake kinyeji wauziwe viongozi watombwe

she can’t have bought the house she grew up in,

:D:D:D:D jeenger

Covid has really messed up people’s financial security. Guys who used to be middle class are sinking to low middle and others to abject poverty. The only country which is doing well ni China and they’re the ones who caused this whole mess. Betty is a strong, resilient woman. She will make it.

It may make business sense to sell the house. If they collect 14m, they can buy a 1/8 and construct another house for less than 3m. That’s keep 10m. That’s why a house is sometimes dead capital. If her mom is retired, she doesn’t have to live in Ongata. She can live in Thika, Kajiado, Machakos…

My only concern ni eti hakuna mwanaume wa kuwaguide kwa lives zao.

Our lord king Solomon made this observation “Among the things I seek but have not found: one man among a thousand I did find, but I have not found one woman to be wise among all these”

They have a bro called Brian, some film producer. It seems they reached a consensus to sell it as a family, not as bettys advice.

Besides, most houses between tumaini and laiser hill where guys grew in the 80s and 90s are turning to be ghost houses since most guys moved out. Wale wamebaki huko are non starters and single mothers like the buruburu crew still dependant on parents. Akina betty wote wako sawa, makes sense selling that house

film producer anataka pesa to expand business

Hajasota vile. I guess mathake ameamua kuenda tu place quiet apumzike in her sunset years. Hiyo roadi yao nowadays imejaa tu wines and spirits ukiingia, kamagera kama wote na malaya kupiga kelele usiku wakiwa walevi. Ongezea uwizi in the mix, unaboeka yako yote. Ata me naona tu arudi ocha or someplace abit quiet.