Betty Kyalo Mystery Bae

Ni Aya arafu… Looks like once you go Coast you never go back. As for Okari kumbe wife number 2 was the best maid kwa wedding to Betty Kyalo. Zero grazing is real yall. Kenyan CSI ogopa. Mkono tuu and they unearthed the guy.

You’re majorly overestimating those coast guys, i lost all respect on them wen i heard they pimp out their wives to jungu for moneys

Even their children. But I hear that they know female sexuality very well sio kama clueless watu wa Bara.

I can shout myself hoarse refuting that claim, thats a low blow kwa makei. Ubaya ni vyenye ulinipiga zii on the date

I don’t know that it’s true. I just heard people at the Coast say it so. It’s hearsay. Don’t shout yourself hoarse. Well you know how women talk about Coastal men is like they’re Haileys comet. Like if you mess around with them they will do things to you that will mess you up for regular orgasm less Bara guys. It’s like they’re just in a class of their own when it comes to women’s pleasure is why white women are addicted to them too. I hear UG men, TZ men are the same way but it’s hearsay.

Way too much praise, they aren’t the kings kwa mechi. Nakushow wanaume wako…the rare breed, exotic. Game tops hadi unatua.
Hadi unasahau paragraph :D. What your imaginary night be like, ama nije inbosk?

I wouldn’t know. But lisemalwo lipo. Where dea is smoke Dea is FAIYA. I don’t do blind dates and online dating because I find serendipity and the hands of fate more intoxicating than online Shenanigans . Things are always better IRL. And how can you fall for someone you have never met? The cart before the horse. You could be chatting with the devil for all you know.

I’ve heard stories, divas from the sea chatting up ‘hungry males’ on tha net, once they meet up, they sex up… Weird shit happens there and then, unaweza jipata unalima skeleton or something weirder, your stars and luck kaput… Cursed yes or worse you get initiated into the marine world… The highest rank there is > the marman…basically you get a throne and some few demons henchmen but you must have sacrificed loads.

You’re missing out. Eish hata hatujajuana and you wanna go out :wink: slow your role woman… Just kidding.

When will we stop pedestalizing this washed out post wall women? all this research for a woman whose mileage is like from here to somalia? Ata vijana wa subaru wamemkula na hawatusumbui…na BTW huyu mkamba hakuna mtu atamuoa anytime sooon. Watatomba tu na ku bounce

Mothers especially, from my experience. In Malindi. Years ago, I chatted a mother who openly asked me to take her daughter out! In my life long interactions with coasterners, no man ever did that to me.

happened to me 12years ago while researching for my undergrad degree. went to this village in kwale and found a lady cooking some nice looking dish…when I asked how it’s done she called her teenage daughter and quipped " huyu atakupikia hii vizuri sana"…i took it literally and asked the girl to cook for me of which I went back in the evening to eat my mchicha dish

how can a man be proud of dating berty kyalo. huyo woman amepitiwa na miti inaezatoshana na reli kutoka syokimau hadi mwisho wa reli Msa. only gangsta points lakini hiyo sikitu ya kuoa. she is taking over from sheila mwanyiga. in the five years atakuwa motivational speaker advising our young girls kama caroline mutulo

hekaya zikam mkipata time…kuna mtu aliniambia pia nikadhani ni pombe inaongea

But I thought you said that you keep off people’s lives @TrumanCapote

I make an exception when it’s Edgar Obare bringing the tea. But on a serious note I am one of the few humans who have no energy for other peoples business. My own is enough.