Betty Kyallo visits Great Rift Valley lodge


Is it possible to block Betty kyalo posts from my timeline?

Ask the administrator aka @Electronics4u

Post wall takataka

Mzee unatubore sasa. You would rather post the cows you did last time

Yes it’s passable

Tell us how

Goddarm … what happened to her. The deterioration is like on acceleration or something here. This one is definitely hitting the bottle hard …all the way to the bottom.

@ChifuMbitika, are you the one picking up the tab ?

I like her because she can hang out with ordinary. Hananga hio maringo mob.

I would have shared our photos together lakini as a birrionea. My identity should remain private

Hii kitu ni average, Gunia ya waru

@ChifuMbitika ni Kama ilikua Mali tamu…umempost sana

Mali ni tamu nakwambia


Like she has a choice… :D:D:D

The decline is downhill and no stopping. Her invention is now to hang with low-lives.

Some people have NOTHING BUT MONEY……the saying goes.

This is bottom of the barrel content from a commissioner; absolute scum

Alcohol plus bad diet zinamharibu.

Obsession is real @ChifuMbitika seek a psychologist/psychiatrist help, you have a mild case of OCD.

Kuna wasee bado wanachangamkia hiyo mali.