BETTY KYALLO’s boyfriend surprises her with a JBL soundbar worth Ksh 120,000, days after gifting her a TV worth Ksh 550,000

Yani hamuoni hii ni clout tu?


Soundbars sana sana za 5.1 are the real deal when it comes to the tradeoff between sound and the dollar. Bora you stick with reputable brands kama JBL, Sony, LG, Hisense. Usininue sound bar ya sayona ama Royal na such other mwitu brands


Media Personality Betty Kaylo has had her Flair by Betty Salon put to auction over rent arrears.


In a public notice in the dailies, Keysian Auctioneers published items on the premises that will be sold by public auction on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, in the case presented by the landlord.

Among the items that will be auctioned include:
3 dismantled wall shelves, a massage bed stand, 2 massage beds, a small serve rack, a glass shelf, 4 big mirrors, towel warmers and dressing tables, 2 Pcs Sink Stands, Estia Heater, Midea Heater, Cushioned Pink Stool, 3 Pcs Down Seats, Coat Hanger, 7 Pcs Green Seats, 4 Pcs Pink Seats, Plastic Pink Seat, 4 Pcs Small Rolling Seats, 7 Pcs Grey Seats, Wooden Stool, 5 Pcs Green Puffs, Office Table, Black Round Seat, Tv Stand, Folding [ Chair, Round Stool, Floor Carpet, Small Shinny Table, White Cabinet (3 Glasses Missing), Ramtons One Door Fridge, 1Mirror, 5 Pcs White Tables, 2 Pcs Massage Beds, 4 Pcs Plastic Trollies, 5 Pcs Foot Massagers, 6 Pcs Driers, 8 Pcs Wall Hangings, Broken Seat, 12 Pcs Barber Seats, Sony TV, Vitron TV, 3 Pcs Seats attached with Sinks, Blue Cushioned Stool.

The auction is set to take place at Leakey’s Storage Limited along Lunga-Lunga road in Nairobi.

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Betty Ako biashara hapa. Advertising products.

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Staged nonsense for clout chasing. Aweke KRA/ETR receipt.

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Simps will see dust.

Malisaa iyo mzeemaraya

Alafu upate ni mchinku

Dumb bitch hivi ndio mamorio hushikwa. What kinda receipt is this for 500,000 worth of transaction?

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Saa ingine wanaume ni watu kumbafu sana.
Sasa hii ndio appreciation inampea kicks kwa soul yake. Eti mwaaaah. . Mwanaume ngombe ikiskia hivo inasema imefika :joy: :joy:

Don’t talk about punani, she enjoys dick just as much as nature demands it.

The day men overlook sexual lusts will be the day we will become a different civilization

Spending 580K on a Sound Bar or clearing her outstanding Salon Rent Arrears …???

She has a poor sense of priorities …:blush:

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