Betty Kyallo and Nick Ndeda

It’s so lovely to see Betty Kyallo happily engaged to her Nick Ndeda. I hope it works out for them. They look more natural than she did with Dennis Onsarigo. Whatever she may have done wrong in the past does not disqualify her from being happy again, same as Maureen Waititu
who is also happy again in a new relationship after kamati ya roho chafu told her she could not find love with 2 kids.

I am now praying for Tanasha Donna to get a mzungu and have a Pointee baby girl like herself. No need to be hang up on someone who doesn’t care about you even if you have 15 kids. This life is too short. Especially with Covid it’s not a rehearsal. Don’t stay in a dead relationship. Move on and in God’s time you will find someone who adores you regardless of your past mistakes.

I’m so happy for her. And she didn’t need to move him into her house either.

Error: It wasn’t Onsarigo

Okari sorry these o names confuse me.


Shipoto forgot Nick Ndeda is a black baboon too.

Betty is up for grabs for anyone with money.

I am confused. You have always said that divorcees should not re-marry. Ama what am I missing?
They deserve second chances but I always urge single mums to step in cautiously…new relationships could be the undoing of your kids’ mental stability.

What’s shipoto?

The psycho OP.

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She also said women mustn’t marry baboons.

I think Jojina is in awe of the cute mixed race kids who in real life suffer a certain kind of racism out here. They are not black nor white but the society lumps them with the blacks in a derogatory manner. And it is not fair on them.
Siwezi pata mtoto mixed raced mimi.

Kapote and her double standards. She condemns violence but says one cannot divorce. So what if a woman is battered by her husband. Never given a definite answer.

Identity issues. They end up hating their parents.

Who isn’t hata wewe saa hii ukipata mama ako na pesa utaingia box vibaya sana. In fact in Kenya even if you are 80 yrs old woman utapata very good looking benten mjukuu age