Betting Strategy

Strong team ikiwa away match RESULT = DRAW

Strong team ikiwa Home Ground RESULT = HOME WIN

You must be new to betting…

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Ooooopus …hapa nikula kwa kijiko bila kusumbua

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This is a strategy I used way back SportPesa ikiwa mpya and got me Ksh 93,000 on a 7 bet Mulltibet with a stake of Ksh100. I no longer bet

Sikuizi hakuna Kitu kama iyo, any team can be beaten anywhere…

The only proven way is less games(max of 3 matches per slip)+ high stake. Last sato nimecheza man city win &over2.5 @1.55, Ac milan& ov1.5 @ 1.60 na real madrid win &ov1.5 @1.50. odds 3.72 stake 3k profit 8k. Simple.

kuna ile mambo ya tax withheld bado?

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Use 1xbet, deposit with astropay. It is pretty straight forward

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Waa so 1xbet hakuna tax,there’s someone who mentioned here that imekuwa introduced after some people yapped on Twitter…

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There is no tax, I use it

Click on Astropay to deposit

You can Use 1xbet but i won’t recommend offlate kumekuwa na shida ya kuwithdraw sijui kama imekuwa fixed.
Best option ni Bet365 create account and make sure you are verified fully. Deposit via AstroPay and withdraw via Bank wire ama use Skrill ( using this myself) very easy.

Kuna 1xbet mbile kuna kenya one yenye iko na tax na international one yenye haina tax. Best option use App yao.

Not true. At times small teams disappoint big teams, juzi on sato, the non performing new EPL entry Nottingham forest( odd- 8.0) beat Liverpool.

Betting is just for fun, just like spending your leisure time entertaining lanyes, Imbibing Guinness,going for long blind travels, visiting the sick, children homes or the elderly camp, volunteering in community services, attending church services etc. It must be graced with a small token.

I do bet to kill rare idle moments without the emphasis to win.

Mtu aki-download apk via browser hio ndio international version…?

BET365 are the best…you can even edit some of your bets if you have second thoughts. Only drawback is the have only 1 free withrawal per month, 9 usd for any extra withdrawal

Who in his right mind bets on liverpool this season? Si ati juu team ni kubwa unapatia blindly kuna factors to look at; current form, injury list, h2h, fixture list na the need to win. But still in football anything can happen. Kwa betting forum niko hio game ya liverpool punters walisema nottingham asian handicap +2.

Kwanza cashout yao iko poa sana plus bet builder. Bank wire ndio iko na withdrawal charges.

Asian handicap inakuanga Nini btw… which betting forum

Umesema unaweza withdraw from Skrill to Mpesa ama?
Chanua fala bro

Yes you can.