Betting spam SMS

I personaly dont engage in betting ( I think its an exercise in futility and poverty) , but I get betting messages almost everyday. Even if you block them , they have multiple different Bulk sms short codes in use . Does the Kenyan laws protect the consumers from these types of unsolicited and intrusive ads? Safaricom and airtel are also culprits of sending promotional messages on an hourly basis, but thats a rant for another day.Basically if you have ever used your phone number to register on any online website whose primary source of in ads you will forever receive promotional spam sms. A lesson learnt the hard way.


For one to get those messages… One must have opened a betting account…

Na vile anajifanya it’s like kimakia and his gay porn

Care to explain?

No i dont

This here aptly describes his situation.[ATTACH=full]225409[/ATTACH]

Unanipenda sana wewe,huwezi kaa bila kunitaja

I had these funny gay adverts popping up on my browsers,when i asked why they come…they said i browse gay stuff…i swear i never did…that is what he is referring to


You can just opt out by dialling 495…izo zingine Nime sahau

I have blocked like 46 promotional sms but new ones keep popping again and again. Seems ni company mob zinahitaji doo zangu by all means

In most of the cases this is how those companies are looking for new customers and it works perfectly. Of course, there are people that don’t like that, but those companies would be dead if they won’t make mass mailing of advertising. This is how a lot of my friends and me as well fallen in the betting pit hole, and I can’t say I don’t like it, this is how I win my existence for now, and I am doing it pretty well. So to say, I received a lot of ads from [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]sbobet88 and there was too much good offers that could be missed, but I took my chance and I won, with some help from qualified specialist and agents on the platform. I won some money for the first time in my life and I liked it too much.

My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks