Betting guide 102

Look for teams that score goals, teams that can also counter goals, start at 2.5, then place on Gg, then place at 3.5 being your last bet. Use at least Ksh 1000 or 2000, make sure the odds are above 2 all the time for you to get a good margin. If you win, withdraw all the cash, start analysis for another game, start the second bet with Ksh 500 only. Never go higher. After winning you are much more likely to place a very risky bet, so you probably lose. Lose a few times before you stake high to sharpen your focus. But as always, avoid cup games, avoid teams that have almost won the league, teams that are currently holding the cup are also very risky, they usually win most of their games by one or two goals, it’s also incredibly hard to manage a GG on them. Sasa ongezeni tips zenu.

101 iko wapi. Na 100?

100 niko nayo, won up to 70k in one game with only Ksh 2500

Tumia odds comparison pia kumaxmize odds. Mi hutumia na bado haijanilet down

Weka hiyo screeshot. Ama ni hekaya tu.

mimi huweka single bet kichwa draw ama loose. no analysis.
naweka chenye nafikiria