Better two full stomached lion that five hungry

When we come to Kenyan politics, we have two full stomached lion which will not hurt the “herd” for the next five years, but the call to replace them with another five hungry lions is ill adviced and will drain the country for the rest five years. NASA is the five hungry lion ready to prey with our “herd,” its upon the herd owner (wanjiku) to refuse and stay with the current two full stomached lion


Interesting thoughts from a “mzalendo”.

If these are our patriots Kenya then we certainly don’t need traitors.

This narrative of yours does not make any sense. Simba awe ni mmoja ama kumi kubonywa ni lazima

If jubilee wins it in August be ready to see corruption scandals that will make eurobond, NYS scandals look like child’s play. Their mindset will be like"what do we have to lose anyway? "

And here I thought one of the lion has a parasite in his stomach since its never full, no matter how much it eats its always hungry for more.

The theory(I hear) from the jubilee die hards is that since this is UK last term he has promised to leave a legacy,He has to achieve everything he promised and more and he is going to crack the whip on corruption in his turf. Personally I love Uhuru,he is a charismatic man with the best interest for Kenya lakini kuna Huyo mjamaa mwingine…

There’s nothing new under the sun. All the seven lions have been in previous governments before. They’ve all been eating but they never get full.
Ndio maana chuki baina Ya wakenya wadogo ni UPUSSy!!!

Mwaka wa hiti hapana ombanwo riigî