Better late than never.

Karibuni late lunch :D:D:D:D


Meanwhile some pics of bibi ya trump playing with dangerous wild animals.:p:p:p:p


Kuna fisi imeshikilia yeye side boob


mtafanya watchman afutwe kazi

:D:D:D kweli its a slow Friday

Food has to look appetizing. Wewe umefeli

it is the taste that counts.

When it comes to consumables, whether in dining room or bedroom, I am a little shallow :smiley:
I struggle when I go to a wanyumba’s home and I’m served mashakura :meffi:

first time I saw this pic I thought its leftovers mtu ameweka kwa dustbin.

Very nice shit for tomorrow.
When you consume all that you fill the toilet bowl effortlessly.

I don’t get this meal no matter how hard I try. How do I eat maize, chicken, eggs, nduma, cold salad in one go? It must really confuse the digestive system. Let it pass. Niende tuu plain mukimo, fry na kachumbari.

Huyu chef akipatikana western luwere,how do you treat a chicken in such inhumane way!

True the following day ni guthefea vibaya sana

Ebu imagine theres a girl who is taken for a date to eat this concoction. Alafu jamaa anajua anaweza.

Dudes I have annoyed my Kiambu Rd Kazos by refusing the offers to be taken to this ‘hood’ many a time. Just also wondering if this portion is meant for one person. Turee (tray)ng’ima……


Hata si the following day:D…that ‘special night’…


There’s no ‘written’ proem(and/or precaution)), watu hujikuta ‘tu’

Trophy wife or not… Vote