Better Call Saul Final season premiere Today

Finally after a long wait the Final season is out kesho 18th. Watu wenye mko na USA Netflix you can watch the first two episodes.

Safi sana. Series ya heshima. Tujue nini ilihappenia Kim Wexler


Saul goodman nikimuona tuu hivi mimi hu angua kicheko , kama tu vile nilikuwa nacheka nikiona MR BEan.

then mafala wakamweka a act action movie juzijuzi nilisema siwezi hata angalia trailer yake huyu msee ni dark comedian tupu i cant picture him being serious .

pia ile horror movie waliweka Chris Rock a act akiwa serious detective nilisema siwezi watch , chris rock ni Zebra wa madagascar case closed :D:D:D

uliwatch fargo season 4 yenye Chris Rock ni gangster?

Can’t wait to see the fist two episodes.
This month is packed with some good tv. You can check out Outer Range the Josh Brolin tv show. The first two episodes are out. Kind of Yellowstone meets ozark kind of show.
Also The Batman is out

Hes getting a walk of fame star today right next to Cranston. He deserves it no doubt right after getting a heart attack on set ,the bit might be on the show [ATTACH=full]433376[/ATTACH]

wanted this series to end so that I can binge on Breaking Bad

You need to disassociate actors with their past roles as @uwesmake mentioned check out Fargo he is a gangster and he plays the role perfectly also checkout one of the greatest series of all time" The shield " Anthony Anderson (the black comedian ) Plays the role of one of the smartest and ruthless gangsters I have seen on TV !

have to wait to august for the last episode !!! Shiiett

My biggest question is what happened to Nacho after screwing Lalo salamanca.

SPOILER: After Nacho betrays lalo, lalo drives back to the country and you can guess what happens. He kills Kim Wexler together with Nacho. In the nick of time, Mike manages to kill him before he gets to Saul.


I’m just kidding. Hopefully Kimberly gets away. The fact that both kimberly and nacho are missing in breaking bad means this final season is a dark prelude to what eventually happened to them.

Here’s to wishing Kim changes her name and moves to another state.

Nacho is living happily in Canada remember he wanted out and told Saul he always dreamt of living in Canada. Lalo killed Kim my prediction.

move to canada and left his family? Remember nacho’s family is still in the country. They run a car repair business or something. And they were reluctant to move.

He had no option. He moved. Otherwise why would Saul think he came back for him in the first season of Breaking Bad.

Download link ndio hio

Too bad bana waliua Nacho. Actually he killed himself. A shot to the head. He did it out of the love he had for his father. The scene felt like when Cranston died in Breaking Bad and Omar died in The Wire. Very fine piece of TV entertainemnt. Aya wacha nichunguze nini ilifanyikia Kim Wexler alafu nikuje niwaspoilie. But I really wouldn’t mind seeing Kim getting the end of stick, she’s become so ruthless and is terrorizing her former employers and clients. Nimehurumia sana yule mjamaa aliembezzle 2 million dollars. Kachengwa mbaya. And oh, Lalo is roaming out there

I dont understand. The guy is dead but bado naona jina lake kwa credits in the next episode. Ama labda ni ya past references.

told you Nacho would die lakini wewe na iyo kichwa yako kubwa refused to listen. Kim Wexler is a badass.

I’m guessing Lalo will get killed in that underground lab.

Kim Wexler is not featured in breaking bad, which might be a prelude to something bad happening to her in better call saul. But since she’s a fan’s favourite, I’m guessing she’ll break up with saul goodman and move to another state.

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