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I am not a gambler. I have sought information about Betin shops and how they intend to operate them using an agency model like Mpesa, but the company is opaque. Gambling is the in-thing now among most idiots with a phone. The agency model worked for Telcos, it worked for banks too. Can it also work for gambling? Is this how Betin plans to dominate and lead the rest? I would like to know how this works. Anyone who can explain the concept in a simple manner, like you would to a pre-teen, kindly do so. Sande.

kuna TV za kuonyesha live matches na live odds na pia gambling machines.
though I’m not sooooo sure. karibu na penye naishi, kuna shop kama hio inakuanga imejaa watu na wametupa makaratasi chini

Hii ni rah

Hii ni rahisi kama kuchambua mapenzi ya singo mathas…ngoja kidogo ninywe kahawa thungu,naja.

Hii na zile pool tables idlers hushinda hapo wamecheza killer naona ni kitu moja

Those betin house hukuwa na all virtue games,dog racing na betin league yenye iko na all epl teams.Game inalast for 90seconds only.Its you vs the computerized system.Minimum stake hukuwa 50 bob.Ukiwekelea if the results are as per your choice you win.ikienda opposite you lose.Chance of beating the machine are at 1%

Kumaanisha probably ni biz iko na pesa sana juu haijaspread. Business kujaa watu is very good news. Watu ndio pesa.

Betting is shitty…laana ya punters wkiloose bets itafikia watoto wako:D

Endelea kujidanganya

Juja io area ya jkuat kulikwa na mbili they were always packed but hazikumaliza miezi tano kabla zifungwe.
Ruiru kuna moja at the bus terminus.

In Europe, the concept of betting online is still new.
Betting has historically been done in shops that open first thing in the morning.
There is almost two or three betting shops on any popular street and even with the internet age, some people won’t bet anywhere else.
Inside these shops are cashiers like in a bank and no bet is off the table.
They will even give you the odds on whether it will rain in the afternoon or not!
They also have fruit machines and all other types of computerised betting machines that you would find in a casino.
Alafu the on-time screening of anything worth betting on like football, dog races,horse races etc…

There are pensioners who get up in the morning and spend all day in these shops and in most , tea and coffee is free.

Here are some of the most popular ones in the UK.
Some have been going for over a hundred years.




Betting shops originated in Britain long before the internet and online betting even became a thing. They say misery loves company and many gamblers prefer the action of placing their bets in the company of fellow gamblers in a brick and mortar bookmaker rather than doing it via an application online.

The parent company that operates as betin here in kenya has adopted the betting shop model very successfully in Nigeria where they operate under the name Bet9ja.If you think sportpesa is popular or dominant here in the kenyan market then Bet9ja is ten times more popular in Nigeria and it operates mostly through betting shops. All major urban centres all over Nigeria are littered with these agent operated betting shops where all the idle youths spend their day, with dreams of becoming the next millionaire.

I guess betin wants to replicate that same market dominance here by being the first to the idea of betting shops in Kenya.

  • A typical betting shop setting in oga land




Uganda ni mob

ungeeka fixed ndio nisishangae mbona umereply blank.
although siishi nai, naiishi kwa slum.
fast paced lifestyle ya nai ilinishinda

there is one in Buruburu called lucky2u where you place bets on anything from horse racing to polo to etc. Guys do spend fortunes there

saana , kwanza kampala metro

but how does it work in Kenya where there is good internet penetration and every fool and there cousin owns a smartphone

Mimi biashara naambiwa kwa tv ad nijoin hujua it benefits the company more than you. All the biggies gave it a pass ndio maana they come for gullible kenyans. Why doesnt shell advertise for station franchise or lube resellers in such an aggressive way? Jiulise

Surely sportpesa must have thought of this now the million dollar question why haven’t they rolled it out.

It’s most likely a culture thing, sportpesa made betting to be associated with phones