Bethuel Mbugua -- Kenyan Child Genius of the 80s/90s--Hamburg vs Hamburger!!

Its a small world and indeed mesmerizing just how things apparently so distant may almost simultaneously feel so close!..Of course technology clearly qualifies that tendency today. Anyway, I came upon an article where two words caught the side of my eye, and evoked instant dejavu, and I proceeded to take a closer look. I was spot on! This fella Bethuel Mbugua came through and was at the pool where I grew up, and someone said yadi yada…“some genius from I don’t know where and that he was there to give some lecture”.
He was about our age and actually looked and sounded very normal just like any other another kid, save for the fact he had on ear plugs, plus, the whole time his eyes were unblinkingly trained on our across the street neighbor chick, who had, well, as Sisqo would have it, “dumps like a truck luo style”. Immediately I am done here I’m going straight to FB to mock her a little bit.
A child prodigy excellent in especially human anatomy. I suspect his was eidetic from the description. Ability to clearly recollect in flashes copious amounts of information in a brief time period. That supposition hinges on the fact the tendency appeared to dwindle with age as in his case, and it was not “crunching power”, or ability to correlate complex constructs.
Many “crunch type” tend towards Engineering, and “recollect type” medicine, and of course this is not always the case by any stretch, neither is it a universal sweeping generalization, but rather a tendency. We had a perfect example in high school.
This one guy was absolutely no joke in “recollect” style subjects with more of a tendency of 96 to 97% in things like RE, Biology, Geography etc., but barely could make past about 70% in Maths(the problem here predominantly algebra vs the basic arithmetic) and Physics, and he sure enough dropped Physics after Form 2, and ended up with an A 92 points in KCSE, and sure enough, with Maths contributing 2 points to that tally at B+, and one other subject, and very likely averaged over 90 to 95% in the rest, and proceeded on to become a Medical Doctor and Pharmacist. I personally didn’t tolerate well recollection subjects but with an opposite effect in Maths, Physics, and Chem, literally the only ones i studied, and convincingly straight up BSing my way right through much else, and begrudgingly trudged along with Biology, which I did well in but paid no attention to, not least of the reasons among which, I despised botany and evolution. Anyway, some of you might have heard about, or met Bethuel, and he looks precisely the same now as he did back then, and back then with a “box style” hair cut , but I got no idea what became of him.

For those who need a refresher on Sisqo;

Bethuel Mbugua;


I deant lead. Meffi

I have always thought that students need continuous evaluation to determine what class they should be. For most children standard 2 is a waste of time.
Basically standard 1 children can, under close supervision, be taught standard 2 material at the tail end of their standard 1 year. Standard 3 was a little difficult because of long division :mad:
The reason why bright students, especially boys, end up losing interest in education is because they’re stuck in classes that don’t fire up their young minds. Boys are rejecting academic learning and the University intakes proves that. It’s been proven that boys are not meant to stay still for prolonged periods of time unlike girls.
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Are we talking about, the young Dude, who went by the Name Master Mbugua, back in the days

My child is bright and when I moved her from one school to another they called me to school and told me my kid could not fit in preunit.she was way ahead of the others and was restless in she is going to class 3 .she is 6yrs old and is always top 5.the teachers discouraged me from making her repeat a class

Good for you for not wasting her time. You’ll be so glad when she’s done with education 2 years ahead of her peers

It is very amazing, and always the case when someone posts, the very first person to respond, or first few people who do so, tersely describe their own “SELVES” very accurately, if as strikingly as you just did. Did anybody ask you to read anything, and who do you think gives a damn if you read it or not? Are you mentally a toddler? A little more discretion in letting off so quickly what you really are might be in order, and as always, it is always a “knucklehead” preposterously christened “village elder”.

I am not sure what you do, but you have condensed very much insight in so little a space, with striking accuracy and I a amazed. Why? If for no other reason, about 70% of what you said I have directly experienced. Strangely I was never keen on “structured” learning, but I am glad I got some, and you can glean from the things I said I concentrated on. At tertiary level, I have done strikingly very little formally, but that doesn’t fool anyone!

There are very decent chances, and circa 92 or so there was a photo of him in the Daily Nation with a teaching ‘stick’ pointed on a drawing on the board conducting a lecture. If the person you have in mind was not many years older than 10 or so in 92, it’s almost certainly him!

This kind of phenomenon unfortunately strikes more than few, and wastes good potential often. The important aspect though in all of this, is ensuring they actually get to enjoy childhood, through meaningful interaction with age mates, albeit socially. Remember Michael Jackson, and the really bizarre things he did? He never had a normal childhood, and was reliving that experience at over 40, and ultimately his bewilderment caused his demise, after resorting to hard core drugs to redress his imbalances.

That’s precisely the guy. You see the photo of him holding on to two older ladies’ shoulders? That is exactly how he smiled even back then.

@Dimz Fala now this is the kind of content that will improve ktalk. Good job!

I have thought of that and she is enjoying her childhood albeit not with her firstborn also went to school early.she has been okay throughout to campus.what I do I watchout for fatigue.sometimes if she is given too much homework I split it for two days to allow her to play.

I love consuming opposing views on things so I sometimes end up with unpopular positions on things. Once in a while people respond well to my position sometimes I get lynched :D:D:eek:

Yeap, that’s the boy, i remember him taking A levels exam at that age, He also delivered a lecture on national T.V, on ENT(ear, nose and throat), and mu old man was thrilled. How’s He doing ?

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They did a feature on him sometime back and he said it was all fuss ! pushed by his dad and such infact he was mad at his father for robbing him of his childhood, he was tested after the hullabaloo and there wasn’t anything special just a normal boy taught parts of the body by cramming by the dad to appear genius !

For all concern please research on child prodigies most burnout so if your kid appears brighter than most don’t skip classes let them stay with age mates ! mine is 6 and knows a tonne about planets not just names but even sizes, temperatures , kuiper belt etc has also asked some deep questions on gods existence always the top3 of his class but sina pressure na yeye i let him be a kid.

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Circa 2005 he gave a talk in our high school. I think he was doing something with biochem. He had locks then. Sounded ordinary. Remember one teacher saying the guy started using drugs thats why he didn’t impress but I like your theory better, eidetic memory could be it

And another sad fact is this being Kenya brilliant minds never reach their fullest potential due to an environment that doesn’t support innovation.

gap years are important.