Betelguese star about to explode ...

)Betelgeuse, a bright star visible in the Orion constellation in the night sky, has beguiled and puzzled space scientists since late 2019.
The red giant, a star in the last stages of its life, experienced two significant drops in brightness, which caused some astronomers to believe that it was nearing its end and could explode in a supernova – something that was last observed in the 17th century


Nonsense. I was hoping that shit had exploded already but they saying it’s got like another 10000 more years to go. Why did they say sooner??

if it’s ‘about to explode’ basi iliexplode already. information bado kufika

You are behind news, the giant star is now believed to have spewed massive dust that it dimmed as seen by an outside observer. In any case, if it exploded today, it would take 500 years for us to see the explosion. Hope you would be alive by then.

So we will no experience a supernova In our lifetime

Hatuiogopi. Ilipuke ama ikae.


Exactly what I thought. What the astronomers are observing at the moemnt are events that culminated probably several hundreds years ago

Betelgeuse is 642.5 light years away from us. Any that happened to the star will reach us in 642.5 years. We are only looking at its memories

If we see the bright supernova today, it means that it exploded 600 years ago. If it explodes today, we shall witness the event in 600 years to come

When it reaches earth it will be epic, there will be no darkness for three weeks

True. It’s like having several full days of sunlight

A beautiful scientific lie

It’s a fact not a lie

How do you prove it?

The small substance inside my head cannot handle all those concepts , i already had severe brain orgasm imagining the size of the milky way galaxy alone

“About to explode” in astronomical terms could mean thousands of years. Dont hold your breath over this

Scientific facts well backed by extensive experience research and verified by analysis

Why are scientists always looking for ways to scare us? Uzuri mungu amekaa ngumu.

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