Betas Mnatafutwa

She is done with her bad boy phase. Ahe now wants a serious beta to settle


as the god-father Kevin Samuels said, this is like u can clearly see tht a plane has one wing clipped and u still go ahead and board it…NB:u cant parachute out of a botched take off

She wont miss out on a beta male simp


Beta male will save the day, just like it always happens.

Ujue atapata. And a very rich one at that. Amongst her hundreds of thousands of followers, there must be a few rich simps hitting up her DMs. Time for her to stop ignoring them :smiley:

God fearing man niko hapa bora we will spend her money not mine

Niaje beta mail chyeth

Hela za mama frankie

after 2 kids and mental issues you cant make this stuff up :D:D:D