Betachieth male


African men you must start shaming fat women.
You can’t call a fat woman ‘momo’. Call a spade a spade. Look at the pic above. She is fat.

kwani siku hizi kuna woman ya mutu?:D:D:D

Fat where?


Hawakosagi kucomplain when it comes to vaginas

The other term commonly used is plus-size. People should gymn

Utaambiwa ni body shaming… Its amazing how men are socialized to accept fat women by being described as thick, inner beauty etc however short men are dismissed on spot!!

we are first fat because of food…then ndio izo story zengine.Now days naona people are proud of fattening their kids


Wewe mzae umezoea mifupa ya Italy so huwezi jua utamu ya hizi momo

Ghasia jifunze kutomba wasichana wa rika lako uwache na hizo shosho za ricos.


Ulafu ukiwa 5’11 and below, its your fault.
They shame short men yet it’s your fault to be fat. You can’t control height.

Angalia hizo miguu na paja.
Look at the size of the arm just above the elbow.

Fat mzungus is an Africa’s food. It’s very rare for a white male mzungu to chase a fat female.
I have a video of an equivalent to above of a white fat female. I can’t upload it here. The site says it’s too big.