Beta who was begging slices :Women's take

We keep saying how women are cold manipulative creatures who play victim to justify any transgression .To many betas here ,the woman was lucky to have such a caring man and she she should have reciprocated by being faithful to him and caring for their kid .Well ,look at the average woman’s take of the guy and the situation




Until the day as a man you recognize and understand that you are the ULTIMATE PRIZE and treat and carry yourself as such, you will struggle with women until thy kingdom comes. I learnt this the hard way at 24.

To 99% of women ,mwanaume ni ngo’mbe inafaa kukamuliwa .Many men are too brainwashed to be helped wacha wakamuliwe although naona shoka zitaendelea kutupwa

Hehe…yaani jamaa anapigwa chenga na hiyo chama inasema the guy is a danger.

Ghassia utaowa lini?

Deflection of blame is a woman’s greatest ploy. They do it so well unaanza kujishuku.

Bitches ain’t shit

Blue pill conditioning and the feminine frame. Heshima iliisha ile time alituma fare na kulea ndume si yake.

Playing victim, if the roles were reversed they would change tune without blinking…gender equality my a**.

So this is what we call a murder of crows?

That is the narrative that exists with all Kenyan women… You’re just a wallet ready to be fleeced, nothing more nothing less… Most Kenyan men don’t realize this, they give out their money, time, and resources without thinking…

Huwa nasema Kenyan men are betas at heart… They’ll continue being fleeced like the sheep they are… Kenyan mamas know this, look at the extortionary nature of dowry payments in Kenya… Kenyan mamas know they’re the prize…

For a man, the path to alpha-land requires considerable sacrifice, consistency, and discipline… Bt as we all know, Kenyan men are too lazy to walk this path…

BETA MALES nitawakulia mabibi na kuwamwagia ndanii hadi mushangae…unaona tumzee huku nje tukikufa na high-blood pressure na hypertension unafikria ni juu ya loneliness ama bachelorhood? Hehehe:D:D, niwakulia tunawakulia mabibi hadi wanatii kutii…u have been warned

You couldn’t have put it better bro. I’m very glad that there exist such a platform where young negroes can get mentored before they throw their lives away.

Sikuona shoka hapo mimi. Just a clueless young man ambaye hajijui.

The person posting this, is an Omega male.


Pewa mbili kwa bill yangu

Hekaya ikam

As a young man, you have only two jobs to do: stacking that paper and watching your health/fitness. Implement that perfectly and women will worship you.

I let my guard down once, became too attached n shit, in the end, nikamangiwa dem na mafisi. Dumped her ass papohapo, upto this day she is trying to make it up to me, despite that she is now excessively fat, a washed up slut with no career in her 30s, with a double stomach. Kunguru ni kunguru tuuu:D:D

Alternatively , you can get married at 26